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Convergence and Divergence

Author ZhaoWei
Tutor GuoGuoChang
School Northwest Normal University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Lu Ling intellectuals spiritual movement Republic Culture transition
CLC I207.42
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The relationship of Literature and war in the forties has attracted researchers’attention. LuLing, who growing up in the war years, his view of literature and writing were infected by the war experience, at the same time, LuLing’s creative process, in fact, full of the writer’s life experiences and reality perception, which is many writers’creation features in forty years, so it has a typical sense of studying LuLing. Studying the creation’s changes and phase characteristics of writers in the war time and social transformation will help to understand the theory’s climate and cultural environment in main land China in forties and fifties, it more conductive to in-depth analysis of the situation before the contemporary literature.This paper is divided into three parts: introduction, main body and conclusion. Introduction comes up with the paper focused point, it through analysis the spirit of LuLing’s creation trends reflected in his works, to look at the mainstream theorists’reflection, then analyzes the showing problems. The conclusion analyses LuLing’s typical meaning and the deletions of methodology, asking how to engage a dialogue between the times and literature.The main body divided into three chapters: the first chapter analyses LuLing’s literature actions in forties and fifties, including LuLing’s works, the performance points, reflection of theorists, writer’s theory ideas, writing them integrated into one body of LuLing’s creation. It specifically divided into three sections, the first section studies the writer’s literature activities in early forties, consider writer trough creating famer, worker, intellecttual and so on to admire the“raw power”which keep the nation in the war time; the second section studies writer’s literature activities in later forties, it considers that because the war nature has changed, the writer began to re-examine the history shortcomings of the development of local China, it continued the critical spirit of“WuSi”; the third section studies LuLing’s creation change after the establishment of new China, it considers that no matter what the image, theme and style are different from the forties. All this show the phase characteristics of LuLing’s creation. The second part analyses the intellectuals’psychology showed in LuLing’s creative performance, consider it is a universal problem that the war’s inflection on writers. It specifically divided into two sections, the first section analyses the controversial comments closely, focus on studying the raw power, realism, intellectuals and so on, the disputed of those problems has reflected the thinking bifurcation of intelligentsia; the second section analyses the specific aspects of spirit trend of intelligentsia, consider that intellectuals show their backward of history in the individualistic, pessimism and political attitudes. The third part spreads by criticism of intelligentsia’s spirit trend and the transformation of LuLing, study the essence of theorists’criticism and guide, which is the construction process of“Republic of culture”, it must be a collision about treating the literature from the view of literature and art and constructing literature from cultural view. It subdivided into four sections, the first section studies the construction of“The New People’s Literature and Art”, consider from“revolutionary literature”to the first literary and art circle congress is a part of this construction; the second section studies the confirming process of“Republic Culture”, this culture ideal’s success depends on action of history, present and future; the third section analyses the LuLing’s dislocation in this cultural construction, consider that the traditional understanding and writer’s character cause the dislocation; the four section affirms the LuLing’s discovery in realism and modernism, and put forward the significance of LuLing’s study in present.

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