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An Eco-feminist Interpretation of A Mercy by Tony Morrison

Author ZhaoBaoRong
Tutor WengDeXiu
School Liaoning Normal University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Toni Morrison Kindness Ecofeminism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Toni Morrison (Toni Morrison, 1931 -), leading contemporary African American women writers, her works are \These works consolidate Morrison's position in the history of American literature and in 1993 won the Nobel Prize for Literature, becoming the world's first one was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature African-American writer. Her new work, \Title Mercy term with a strong religious flavor, many of the book's storyline also with the \In the \This work at different levels to show her eco-feminism, her creations concerns of women and nature reflects the significant ecological feminist consciousness. This is why, from this thesis ecological feminist perspective an analysis of her novel \This article will be \get rid of the oppression suffered by his body, shows that women in a patriarchal society ruled by the difficulties faced, confused, arousal, pursue, and, ultimately, the mentality of self-reconstruction and establishing human beings and nature, men and women and colored people kind of ideal harmony existence. Eco-feminist women's liberation movement and the ecological movement in the mid-20th century and then gradually combined with the product of the rise of the bourgeois revolution in France in the process of further development of feminist thinking. Eco-feminist critique of modern Western worldview from grade two yuan begin addressing logic of domination, pointing out that male-centered and how mechanistic worldview of natural causes while Western men, women and different ethnic groups such as oppression, and that this different How oppressive mentality due to male domination intertwined, depending on the woman, naturally the same as the other, so they think that the liberation of women, the natural movement of discrimination must be awareness and conduct. Ecofeminism that patriarchal society and plunder of nature and for women and people of color crushing domination and oppression, in the ideological and cultural background are homologous, which is based on the rule of dualistic logic. Eco-feminist critique dualistic theory, oppose separation between man and nature, therefore, to solve the ecological crisis, building a harmonious world, we will build the women's movement, ethnic movements and ecological movement closely together. Given ecofeminism is still an emerging method of literary criticism, and critics on Toni Morrison's novel has just started, so from the point of view of this work also has a certain degree of innovation. The main content of this paper is to further novels, this work analyzes the ecological feminism factor. Therefore, from the perspective of ecological feminist criticism to interpret the novel to help us better understand the creative thinking of Toni Morrison. Meanwhile, for her understanding of ecological thinking allows us to more clearly understand that in today's increasingly deteriorating ecological crisis and the crisis of survival to maintain the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, urgency and importance. My thesis will be divided into five parts, the first part briefly introduces himself and the new Toni Morrison as \The second part I will introduce eco-feminist, and as a literary theory works of the author. The third part illustrates authors recognize male oppression of women and the nature and content description based on the novel control female and male natural causes. Chapter I will explore gender, race, colonialism and the destruction of nature linkages between. Chapter V will explore novel Limolisen mind harmony, in the author's eyes, an ecologically harmonious society can be created by the following method, such as reshaping the image of the goddess, the establishment of harmony between men and women and to preserve the national culture and so on. By reading the text, we can clearly understand Toni Morrison eco feminism. This paper will further analyze Morrison through creative thinking to help readers better understand the author's literary works. In addition, through the reading of the novel and ecologically part of the feminist sentiment that can help readers recognize when the Earth's ecological crisis is threatening us all the time to maintain the ecological balance between humans and nature and urgency of the importance of sex.

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