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An Ecofeminist Reading of the Sound and the Fury

Author JiLinLin
Tutor WangYong
School Shandong University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords Ecofeminism William Faulkner The Sound and the Fury in Female Natural
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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This article is intended to explore \William Faulkner's novel has been the focus of attention of scholars. This article is intended to investigate on the basis of previous studies, \In this novel, William Faulkner successfully combines the feminine and the natural and observed their intrinsically linked. This paper focuses on William Faulkner describes male domination of women and nature in ecological awareness demonstrated discussed. In addition to the introduction and conclusion, this thesis is divided into three chapters: the first chapter of a patriarchal society under the rule of women and nature. This chapter is divided into male to female domination, male as well as female domination of nature and the natural part of the relationship between the three. First, in the eyes of three brothers Compson Katie and small Quentin as \In the patriarchal society of oppression, they were deprived of the right to speak by men to define their existence. Benjamin put Katie described as his mother, Katie Quentin to portray her lover, and Jason put Katie and small Quentin molded into cheap blanks. Secondly, this chapter discusses the disharmony with nature through male and male activities along with the damage caused to the natural discussed male domination of nature. In men's exploitation and plunder, the United States presents a bleak picture of the South. Mentioned several times in the novel of the American South everywhere decay and decadence. Finally, the chapter examines the relationship between women and nature, they have a closer relationship between. Women are often naturalized and natural are often feminine, while naturally in men and women are both ruled to impose the oppressed position. The second chapter explores the woman with natural resistance. In the patriarchal rule of patriarchal society, women have no choice and the natural addition to the revolt. This chapter describes three parts. First, the chapter through Katie's pursuit of equality and independence of self-improvement and small Quentin explores women's revolt. In childhood, Katie will pursue with her brothers have equal rights, grew up on her quest to equality between men and women in sex after divorce by selling her own body achieved economic independence. As Katie rebellious spirit continues through the small Quentin against Jason Compson mansion and eventually fled to the pursuit of self-improvement. Secondly, the chapter examines the nature of the revolt. In the face of it, the natural addition to remain silent and can not resist male domination of society, but in fact when the oppression of nature than can withstand a range of natural, nature will retaliate. Final chapter examines women's association with the natural resistance. Women and nature have many of the same points of resistance, they are just passive recipients of male dominance, and only when no alternative road to revolt, and ultimately they can only own tragic ending to wake up the male consciousness. The third chapter focuses on a William Faulkner increase reflected in the novel view of women and of nature. For William Faulkner, the Katie and small Quentin is the hope of the American South, he affirmed their opposition and sympathy to their tragic ending. William Faulkner while advocating that men should love and respect for nature and should work in harmony with nature rather than destroy nature. He believes that the ultimate destruction of the natural man will also be punished by nature. From the above discussion, we can conclude that William Faulkner in \He not only affirmed the women's revolt and recognize the importance of protecting the natural and noticed the female intimate contact with nature. He explored the men, women and the relationship between nature and trying to establish a harmony in their relationships.

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