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Study on the Active Constituents of Bacopa Monnieri

Author ZhouYun
Tutor KongDeYun;ZhangWeiDong
School Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry
Course Natural Medicinal Chemistry
Keywords Bacopa Studies on chemical constituents Triterpenoid saponins Nootropic activity Antidepressant activity Anti-tumor activity Determination
Type PhD thesis
Year 2005
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Bacopa is Scrophulariaceae Bacopa Bacopa monnieri (L.) Wettst the whole plant , also known as white sow vegetables, white line grass snake scales dish. Growth in the waterside and beach wetlands, China are mainly distributed in Fujian, Taiwan, Guangdong , Yunnan and Sichuan provinces . Harvested in summer and autumn , the whole plant can be used as medicine. Its taste is slightly sweet , light , cold, with heat and cooling blood , detoxification swelling of the effect . Indications dysentery , head thorn throat, erysipelas , hemorrhoids swelling ; topical treatment of elephantiasis . The plants in the Ayurvedic system of medicine (Ayurvedic system ofmedicine) is also considered to have enhanced the intelligence and improve memory , aging, prevent dementia , sedative , hypnotic, anti-depressant effect. The standard preparations made ??from extracts the domestic market in India , as a treatment for memory impairment and Alzheimer 's adjuvant . In addition, Bacopa is also traditionally used to treat a variety of respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and asthma . Entered the aging society in the world and the modern high-intensity, fast-paced work life more and more people are living in sub-health state today, Bacopa significant pharmacological activity of nerves caused many scholars have been of great interest . Over the years, many foreign countries have about the chemical composition of plant systems and pharmacological studies of reported domestic far no studies about the plant reported. To further clarify Bacopa herbs significant neurological basis of pharmacologically active substances and their mechanism of action, we used pharmacological activity in vivo tracking method , Fujian Bacopa herbs again produced the chemical constituents of the system . Using various chromatographic methods were isolated from the methanol extract of more than fifty compounds were obtained by spectroscopy (MS. 1 H, 1 3C -NMR and 2D-NMR) and identified chemical structure of the compound 46 were : BM-1: 4 - hydroxybenzyl alcohol BM-2: 4 - hydroxybenzoic acid BM-3: △ 5,24 (28) - ergosta- diene -3-β- ol BM-4: UA BM-5: lupeol BM-6: 28 - hydroxy- lupeol BM-7: lupine -20 ( 29 ) -ene -3-β- hydroxy -28 - acid ( birch acid ) BM-8: stigmasterol

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