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Banana Yoshimoto \

Author DongBinBin
Tutor HuangYing
School Ocean University of China
Course Japanese Language and Literature
Keywords The Shirakawa night ship Healing Freud Psychoanalysis Loss of and redemption
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Banana Yoshimoto, modern Japanese women writers, Haruki Murakami par, to be known as the reputation of Japan's modern literary days. She described the hero is always hit and suffering in a complex situation, but eventually re-ignite confidence in life, the courage to face life. Banana Yoshimoto himself once said: \His works have been called a \Researchers to explore the analysis of the Ba Nanuo works often involve the theme of \theme. While starting from the works of the text content of the opportunity and the process of \Short story \Appear in the description of the great length of sleep and dreams, especially nuanced description of dream content. In this thesis, the use of Freud's psychoanalytic theory of dreams in the works and other text analysis and interpretation of how to work the hero to the relief of the Redeemer, and how to achieve a \The introduction is divided into two parts, the first part introduces Banana Yoshimoto work on overall first work, \The text is divided into four parts were discussed. The first chapter discusses the feasibility of Freudian psychoanalysis doctrine. Introduces the content of Freud's psychoanalytic doctrine, its relationship with the literature study and contact with the paper. The second chapter analyzes the works of a dream: dreams of flower arrangement of the main differentiation, image symbol, flower arranging successful in three areas, the dream of the demonstration to meet the dreamer wants to give up the feelings of unconscious desire. Chapter III of Chapter II and the dreamer in the performance after the first dream, the analysis works in the second dream: the dream of the strange girl appears, and argues that the dream to dream to be redeemed, \the final realization. Discusses the works of two dreams occurred in the fourth chapter summarizes the cause and effect, the overview of the \a dream to make the process of salvation. The unique feature of this paper is to Freud psychoanalytic theory, the depth of the \Nana works the theme of \

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