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Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamic Interactions between Two Ships in Underway Replenishment at Sea

Author WangJianFang
Tutor LiJiDe
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Fluid Mechanics
Keywords Horizontal supply ship at sea Hydrodynamic disturbances 2D slice method Three-dimensional frequency domain theory Three-dimensional time-domain theory Spectral analysis Second steady force ( torque ) Constant movement Stack mold flow
CLC U661
Type PhD thesis
Year 2005
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In order to enhance maritime and fast recharge capability comprehensive supply ship to survive and continue to improve the combat capability of the ship replenishment at sea made many new requirements, such as quickly \sea ??conditions to achieve multi-dimensional replenishment at sea. Replenishment at sea as a ship at sea logistical support - an important part of the world has been increasingly subject to naval shipbuilding industry as well as the attention of scholars. Two replenishment ship sailing at sea embodiment, the role of each of the hydrodynamic ship with only the case in a sailing ship, ship will be adjacent to the boat only disturbance wave reflection of the adjacent vessel it may also produce shadowing effect. So the research ship hydrodynamic interference between the ship replenishment at sea has become one of the key theoretical research. In this paper, theoretical research from two ships at the same speed in still or moving waves generated when the linear and nonlinear hydrodynamic interference effects for the horizontal supply ship at sea distance, speed, and heading preferred to provide certain technical guidance. This paper carried out the following aspects of work: one based on linear potential flow theory, the use of two-dimensional slice method (STF) of the waves two floating bodies with the same speed when navigating generated hydrodynamic interference effects, by numerical forecasting two five degrees of freedom coupled floating body motion response. (2) research and presents a forecast made two ships in waves coupled motion of the three-dimensional frequency domain methods. Calculations on two ships in waves of interference radiation hydrodynamic simplified, that radiation is divided into two cases, one is the ship swaying motion of a boat b do not sway motion, and the other one is doing sway ship b movement of a ship not sway movement, the establishment of two floating bodies in waves when navigating to a certain distance of the flow field velocity potential boundary conditions, and the introduction of three-dimensional non-Speed ??frequency domain Green's function, using the source distribution method for solving two ships unsteady perturbation potential. Speed ??correction calculation via two floating bodies in waves interference hydrodynamic coefficients and build two ships under the rigid body dynamics of coupled equations of motion prediction two ships six degrees of freedom motion response. In order to check the program to study the finite depth of two identical cylindrical transverse waves in the hydrodynamic interference effects. And calculated at zero speed and a speed of two ships sailing in deep Yinglang coupled motion response. Further analysis of the spacing on the hydrodynamic disturbances. 3 and then based on three-dimensional frequency domain analysis method using spectral analysis forecasts contained in irregular waves focus at the direction of relative movement of the two ships of the three amplitude righteousness should ship at sea replenishment demand presents a preferred ship effectively Speed ??and horizontal spacing methods, through the tender and receiving ship in irregular waves to a plurality of multiple waves of different speed and different sea conditions numerical calculation lateral spacing for horizontal supply two ships at sea as well as array-bit speed

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