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An Ecofeminist Reading on The Scarlet Letter

Author GaoYunYan
Tutor ZhangLi
School North China Electric Power University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords The Scarlet Letter Ecofeminism Female Natural Patriarchal society
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The advent of Hawthorne's masterpiece \This work has been a number of scholars from a variety of perspectives to research, such as feminism, prototype theory and psychological analysis . In this thesis, from the point of view of the eco - feminist interpretation of \Eco- feminist women relationship with nature as a starting point , critical binary way of thinking , the logic of the value of hierarchy and domination , which is designed to appeal to human beings should establish an interdependent world and nature . The thesis is divided into four chapters , the first chapter is the introduction , this chapter a brief discussion of \This chapter also theoretical basis for the study of the entire paper : eco - feminist theory . In addition, it explores the personal background of Hawthorne , especially on his attitude to nature , women . Chapter II from three aspects reveals the natural subordination of women in a patriarchal society : the first description of the male in the destruction of nature ; the second aspect of male oppression Hyster , including those from Chillingworth Ottawa Sri Lanka and Dimmesdale oppression ; third aspect of the association of women and nature . Pointed out that the nature and women in a patriarchal society in a second-class status . In a patriarchal society , women can not really control of their lives , not to change the status quo . Similarly , naturally, is in a subordinate position . The third chapter discusses women 's resistance to patriarchal oppression and the pursuit of a harmonious world . Hester and Pearl resistance . They are the real rebels of patriarchy . Their spirit of resistance not only in appearance , but also in practical action . In addition, this chapter also discusses the women 's pursuit of a harmonious world , the novel , the relationship between men and women is not harmonious , women desire to establish a harmonious society men and women , between mankind and nature . The fourth chapter is the conclusion . The significance of this thesis is the theoretical application of the actual revelation . By analyzing \

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