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An Eco-critical Reading of the Call of the Wild

Author WuHeng
Tutor YuanXueSheng
School Nanchang University
Course English Language and Literature
Keywords The Call of the Wild Jack London Ecocriticism
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Jack London is a famous novelist of the 20th century in the United States. His thinking is influenced by Darwin and Spencer. Ecological problems is one of the important issues facing mankind today, the main task is to explore the relationship between man and nature, concerned about the negative impact of human development on the environment. The eco-criticism as a literary theory, establish the basis for the development of modern literary theory. The novel \Jack London and his work is more extensive look at criticism from the ecological point of view is a relatively new angle, has a certain practical significance and value. This paper attempts to analyze the ecological Perspective \The full text can be divided into five parts, the first part of the sequence on the introduction of ecocriticism background summarized the history and current status of the topic of research, research methods and innovation. The ecocriticism With the development of modern civilization, and exploration and development model to reflect the people's way of life and civilization. Deepening of Ecocriticism theory perspective on the animal stories of Jack London's \The second part examines the ecological criticism, including the development and application of the ecological crisis, ecological theory. Eco-criticism as a method of literary and cultural criticism, appeared in the 1970s, the end of the 20th century began is widespread concern. The growing number of scholars began to use this theory to explore the relationship between man and nature, literature and the nature of the relationship. The third part is a reflection of anthropocentrism, combined with the the novel text itself analyzes the nature of the crisis, the manifestation of novel anti-anthropocentric, human cruelty to animals, the destruction of human nature. \Novel way of reading, scholars called: \centrism \The fourth part is a study of ideas to solve the problem, that is, the relationship between humans and nature, including the novel natural centrism reflected the crisis of the human spirit to avoid the responsibility of human nature, return to the harmony of human and natural. The development of human civilization should definitely not be a variety of animal mutilation, nor should override all above the laws of nature, but should respect animals and respect for nature. Finally, epilogue, Jack London called for mankind to stop the destruction of nature, respect for nature, and gradually establish a harmonious relationship of man and nature.

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