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Zhou and Qin and Han fairy faith Research

Author ZhangWenAn
Tutor JiangJianShe
School Zhengzhou University
Course History of Thought in Ancient China
Keywords Zhou and Qin and Han Dynasties Immortal Belief Traditional culture
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2005
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Fairy faith occupies a very important position in the Chinese folk belief system. Zhou and Qin and Han is the fairy faith formation and development of an important period. The fairy faith of this period is difficult and one of the weak links of the Zhou and Qin and Han History and the History of Taoism. In this paper, the title deeds of each other historical documents and archaeological materials, combined with the content of cultural anthropology, religious studies, folklore, literature and art, medicine, chemistry and other disciplines, fairy faith nurtured and formed in-depth analysis, designed to reveal the gods behind the belief that people desire queen individual life force and the profound meaning of the pursuit of spiritual transcendence; Immortality boom set off alignment Wei, declared, Yan Zhao, Qin emperor, Han Wu Han Emperor fairy faith in the rapidly growing popularity of folk reduction analysis, trying to reproduce Immortality scene at the time, which can help people more clearly recognize the fairy faith development context; become immortal alchemy, fairy magic fairy beliefs under the influence of the rise of the health culture, the development of science, the immortal words of prosperity System Analysis and summarized in a bid from the the Immortal Belief fog stripping out the impact of traditional Chinese culture; Han theory, religion and politicized to explore the fairy faith, reveals an important role of the gods the belief early Taoist formed in the a clearer understanding of the role and function of the fairy faith in knowledge, ideas and belief systems of the Zhou and Qin and Han. Immortal Belief is formed? Why is formed in the Chinese concept of gods? This is the premise of Zhou and Qin and Han fairy faith. The first chapter draw on cultural anthropology research and archaeological materials and historical documents, title deeds to each other, to explore the the Immortal Belief source, reveal the profound meaning behind fairy faith. Soul worship, reproductive worship, ancestor worship, the worship of the sun, moon worship, as well as turtles, snakes, cicadas worship careful analysis to tease out the human desire for eternal life, flourished from the immortality of the soul to the race, ethnic continuation, to the individual the course of development of the life immortal; analysis of the concept of people eager to heaven, revealing the pursuit of happiness and freedom, the people eager to large individual forces, the pursuit of the deep desire for spiritual transcendence. Popular in the Zhou and Qin and Han fairy faith, it originated in the pursuit of human life everlasting happy and free. Western Zhou Dynasty to the Warring States Period is an important period for the concept of fairy shaped. During this time, God's declining status, the status of persons is rising. Loss of life, the social conditions of the times of hardship and freedom of thought, the the contending ideological atmosphere fairy concept gave birth to a good social base and ideological foundation. The second chapter of this paper to explore the concept of gods formed from the two levels of the elite ideas and general knowledge, ideas and beliefs deep motivation, in-depth analysis of the formation of a variety of factors to promote the concept of gods, believe that formed on the concept of gods play a decisive role still pursuit the eternity of life and happiness free, \desire; ideological atmosphere of freedom so that people can give full play to their imagination and demonstrates the power of humanity; Taoism, yin and yang ideology provides a theoretical basis for the formation of the fairy faith. Tense confrontation of the \

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