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Study on Robot Joint Based on Reversing Ball Screw Mechanism

Author WangGuangJian
Tutor LiangXiChang
School Chongqing University
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Robot joints Reverse scroll spiral Dynamic characteristic Frequency Hydraulic Control
Type PhD thesis
Year 2005
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Robot robot joint system is based parts, the whole robot servo system is an important part of its structure, weight, size, accuracy, etc. have a direct impact on the robot. This article is 863 robot technology components and systems based on thematic topics funded project \This paper presents a creative roll screw drive mechanism based on inverse robot rotary joints, and applications for invention patents \In this paper, the characteristics of inverse spiral joints in structural innovation, design, processing, finite element analysis, movement principle, ball contact analysis, control system design and analysis, based on PID control simulation, based on adaptive fuzzy control simulation, experimental research aspects of a more systematic study. In this paper, the main work and results can be summarized as follows: 1. Article modular, standardized ideas will be divided into longitudinal joints and transverse joints joints, and accordingly the joint module is divided into horizontal joint modules, module vertical joints and linkage module; article proposed reverse scroll spiral transmission theory, and reverse scroll spiral bodies structural innovations proposed standardized single screw mechanism, the double helix mechanism, electric drive, hydraulic drive and a few other screw joints; 2 for reverse scroll spiral joints the design calculations, carried out on the key components of the finite element analysis; right scroll spiral deputy, deputy conducted a thrust rolling contact analysis; calculations show that the joint design of the main components can withstand full load, ball and screw cap, screw shaft, spline sets, and so does not happen too much plastic deformation caused by failure; joint system on the dynamic characteristics of finite element analysis, constraint solving its modal; 3 liters for large angles, the small size of the inner spiral groove machining difficulties presented processing within the spiral groove of approximation methods; use UG, IDEAS software for the tool design, process simulation, simulation results show that approximation precision machining in the range is feasible; transformation in multi-axis CNC milling machine for roughing after Using high-speed pneumatic grinder, CBN and diamond grinding wheel for grinding, machining accuracy to meet the requirements; 4. establish a joint servo-controlled hydraulic drive mathematical model; simulink MATLAB-based software package for control system analysis, carried out Liquid screw joint control method; PID control for hydraulic screw joints of the simulation, the servo control system is a type I system, there is no steady-state error, PID control main purpose is to improve the stability, transient response speed and reduce errors Based on the simulation of PID parameters selected, the sine and square wave response response with good location tracking accuracy; 5. using fuzzy control theory of fuzzy control characteristic liquid screw joint research on simple fuzzy control and adaptive fuzzy PID control performance simulink simulation studies carried out; Because hydraulic system parameters change frequently, simple fuzzy control are not well adapt to this change and adaptive PID fuzzy controller is able to adapt to these changes, the simulation shows that the adaptive fuzzy PID control has a good control performance. 6 explores the variable frequency hydraulic position control technology, the establishment of the position variable frequency control system mathematical model; conduct

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