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Beckett 's trilogy of novels postmodern narrative and aesthetic qualities

Author LanYun
Tutor MaiYongXiong
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Beckett Fiction trilogy Postmodernism Deleuze
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Irish writer Samuel Beckett in France (Samuel Beckett ,1906-1989) is the 20th century, one of the most important playwrights, he not only profound impact on the way theatrical creation and performance, but also in fiction, prose, poetry, film , television, radio and other fields have quite a success. He is full of charm postmodern fiction is to subvert the traditional, prompting scholars to rethink the meaning of the narrative. Beckett's novella tetralogy, \), \These works are described in the era of the boundaries between the destruction and salvation. But because of its brilliant light drama, Beckett's novel at first not to win readers attention, but its literary value can not be ignored, especially fiction trilogy. This paper attempts to depart from the post-modernism, with Deleuze, Foucault and other philosophers of concepts and doctrine, discusses Beckett's trilogy of novels Postmodern Narrative and aesthetic qualities, its literary dig deep artistic value, and then explore its poetic significance . Introduction: Introduction Beckett's life and creative situation, the domestic and foreign research status and translating Beckett case an academic sort, then put forward in this thesis to study the problems and significance. Chapter One: discusses Beckett trilogy postmodern narrative, plot and time selected key elements start on two novels, and then the trilogy bore bilingual writing and language to be concerned about, with Deleuze 'jurisdiction localization - localization solution jurisdiction - and then administer the domain \domain, conform to the requirements of the development literature, this is not only a more formal innovation is the concept of innovation. Chapter II: The paper Beckett trilogy postmodern aesthetic qualities, character from the novel and the angle of wandering theme, focusing on study and travel tramp game embodies the postmodern aesthetic qualities: Games and production. Analysis of how vivid interpretation of the novel trilogy Deleuze's \Poetics purport fit. Chapter III: based on postmodern theoretical vision to Foucault's Discipline and order concepts and related theories, combined with writer's own experience, background, historical events, exhibition trilogy writer Beckett's concern with the social reality reflection. Deleuze's poetics through the machine and contact for further elucidation of today's society, literature and philosophy of mutual concern illustrates each card, the same thing, concerns literature, philosophy, real-life close contact, recognizing the existence of the novel trilogy is not isolated . Conclusion: In summary, Beckett trilogy in the narrative contains the spirit of postmodernism and features on the aesthetic qualities and Poetics of Postmodernism fit, is a postmodern philosophical thought of the preview. In addition to profound philosophy than fiction trilogy also has profound practical significance, the performance of the writers on social, political, human existence and humanity sincere caring. In short, Beckett's trilogy has a high literary and artistic value and broad theoretical interpretation space.

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