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The Study on Quality Regionalization of Characteristic Flue-cured Tobacco in Lincang

Author LvZhongXian
Tutor ZhaoMingQin
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Tobacco science
Keywords Flue-cured Tobacco Comprehensive assessment Lincang quality regionalization
CLC S572
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The appearance quality, physical characteristics, chemical composition, neutral aroma, sensory quality of 25 flue-cured tobacco townships in Lincang of Yunnan Province were analyzed respectively, on the basis of evaluation of each quality indicators through descriptive statistics, correlation analysis, principal component analysis, cluster analysis, comprehensive evaluation of the flue-cured tobacco were analyzed, the main conclusions are as follows:(1) In addition to mature, the rest of appearance indicators between different locations is of small discrepancy; Leaf structure and color is relatively concentrated. Color is between orange to lemon, maturity is between mature to ripe, structure is not very loose, moderate body, with oil but not much, color is powerful but not dense. Overall, the appearance quality of Lincang leaf is at the middle level, there is need for further improvement. Appearance quality is determined mainly by the color index. Tobacco leaf in Lincang area can be divided into 4 categories by appearance quality, Fengqing County and Yun County are of better appearance quality and Shuangjiang county is of poor appearance quality by comprehensive analysis.(2) Indicators of the physical properties in Lincang area lie in appropriate range in general. Tuanjie township, Mengsa township, Menglai township’s comprehensive scores are higher, while Dedang township, Lushi township and Boshang township’s comprehensive scores are lower. Tobacco leaf in Lincang area can be divided into 4 categories by physical properties. Cangyuan County, Shuangjiang country, Gengma country and Yun County are of better Physical characteristics, these areas are mainly located in central and eastern of Lincang. Fengqing country and Yongde country are of poor Physical characteristics, mainly in northern and western regions of Lincang.(3) In three tobacco leaf positions, reducing sugar, total sugar , protein, ratio of sugar to protein, ratio of sugar tonicotine are slightly higher, total nitrogen and nicotine are less than or in the appropriate range, potassium and the ratio of potassium to chlorine lie in appropriate range. The upper, middle and lower leaves’s chemical quality are mainly decided by CN factor, N factor and C factor. Linxiang and Fengqing country are of the most appropriate chemical components, Shuangjiang country and Yongde country are of the poor chemical quality, while Cangyuan country, Gengma country, Zhenkang country’s chemical components are of middle suitability. According to chemical indicators, Lincang tobacco is divided into 4 categories by cluster analysis.(4) The level of neophytadiene is highest in neutral aroma components, phenylalanine class of aroma constituents is with the most unstable regional distribution, on the contrary carotenoid is the most stable in different regions. Total amount of aroma substances in southeast of Lincang is low, generally higher in eastern and northern, central and western regions is at an intermediate level. 7 principal components are extracted by principal component analysis from 29 neutral aroma components, carotenoids and phenylalanine neutral aroma is in central determinants of tobacco aroma in Lincang.(5 Areas with poor sensory quality are mainly located in Lingxiang, Yun County, Yongde County, Zhenkang County, Cangyuan County Etc., these countrys lie in midwest and southeast of Lincang, other regions are relatively with good sensory quality.(6) Dawen Township is with the highest comprehensive score, in addition to appearance quality, the rest of the index scores were high; Mengpeng town holding the lowest comprehensive score, in addition to physical characteristics, the rest of the index scores were lower. According to each indicators, Lincang tobacco is divided into 3 categories by cluster analysis. Overall, Shuangjiang and Linxiang country are with the best comprehensive quality, these countrys distribute in eastern regions of Lincang; better comprehensive quality area are Cangyuan country, Gengma country and Fengqing country, they lie in the northern, central and southern regions; Yongde and Zhenkang country have poor comprehensive quality, mainly in the western regions.

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