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Research on 3D Geospatial Information Application on Grid Computing Environment

Author JinBaoXuan
Tutor BianZuoZuo
School Wuhan University
Course Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Keywords Grid computing 3 -dimensional spatial information grid 3 -dimensional spatial data management 3-dimensional spatial data interoperability Grid Services Registered with the release of service Service chain 3 -dimensional spatial information application services
CLC P208
Type PhD thesis
Year 2005
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Grid technology development has brought opportunities for the development of Spatial Information Science, also posed a challenge. Traditional applications of spatial information system exists a big problem is that there is no good solution to effective sharing of space resources and make full use of the shared space resources (such as spatial data sharing) only partially realized, grid environment stressed full sharing of all resources and the integrated management of shared resources. In this paper, the three-dimensional spatial information applications for research areas, trying to improve information sharing and application of 3-dimensional space environment through grid mode through service-oriented applications to provide users with transparent 3-dimensional spatial information application services (such as 3-D combination of spatial data services, 3-dimensional modeling services, visualization and spatial analysis services, etc.) and services, the spatial information sharing and interoperability, facilitate heterogeneous environment, the integration and application of heterogeneous systems, and more good service in the construction of digital cities. Papers around \Including: (1) discussed in detail the concept of spatial information grid, including grid concept, the concept of Spatial Information Grid (SIG) and the concept of grid GIS, and discuss the support of the three-dimensional spatial information grid technology, the OpenGIS, Web Services and OGSA. ② review and summary of the existing spatial information grid architecture, the characteristics of the 3-dimensional spatial information applications oriented grid framework of the three-dimensional spatial information applications. The system to serve as a center, consists of 6 layers from top to bottom: the application layer, aggregation layer, service layer, shared layer, data layer and the base layer between the layers interrelated functions covering data management from the 3-dimensional space three-dimensional spatial data sharing and interoperability to the three-dimensional spatial information applications. Three-dimensional spatial data management research grid environment. Include: ① 3-dimensional spatial data stored in the grid environment management and metadata management. Discuss the three modes of the distributed memory, gathering, storage and buffer storage in the storage management. In metadata management, focus on the three-dimensional spatial data the registered management and data management of copies, based the metabase metadata management methods, and the overall design of the the grid environment Xiayuan data management framework, metadata registration information table and a copy of the management information table. Replica management to discuss the creation of a copy of the strategy, delete copy of consistency maintenance, replica selection and the copy. (2) frequent data transmission characteristics for the grid environment, grid data transmission of a variety of transmission methods. Data grid environment safe, reliable and efficient transmission, we need a common transport protocol. Globus project proposed Grid File Transfer Protocol GridFTP, based on the standard FTP protocol, and its overall expansion may be support for a variety of storage systems, and provide a unified user access interface. Therefore, the focus on the the GridFTP characteristics and advantages. ③ complex nature of heterogeneous heterologous exist for the three-dimensional spatial data access and integration of how to achieve the 3-dimensional spatial data grid environment. OGSA-DAI middleware technology is introduced into the three-dimensional spatial data access and integration, extended OGSA-DAI interface at the same time, using a grid data services to achieve the 3-dimensional spatial data access and integration, for different provide a new model for database access and integration of configuration space. Research grid environment three-dimensional spatial data interoperability. Including: ① analysis of the GML-based spatial data interoperability, just based on GML is difficult to adapt to the three-dimensional spatial data interoperability. Grid environment, a news package based on 3-dimensional spatial data, in the form of a grid service provides three-dimensional spatial data interoperability

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