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Research on Model of Intelligent Space and Quality of Service Unicast Routing in Model Network

Author JinZuo
Tutor LiuXianDe
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Physical Electronics
Keywords Intelligent space IP network Quality of Service unicast routing Traffic Engineering Imprecise state information Swarm intelligence
Type PhD thesis
Year 2005
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With the advances in information technology, computer technology, network technology and control technology, the intelligent building has been vigorously promotion and development of the information age to build smart space has gradually become a reality. At present, the construction of intelligent space confined to the control system network interconnection information between different systems and resource sharing rate is extremely low. The intelligent space should be able to separate organic interconnection of intelligent building control network and system, the seamless integration of data network systems, voice networks and systems, and video networks and systems, etc.. Internet-based interconnection is one of the key technologies of intelligent space, IP network only for all kinds of business to provide best-effort service, and does not guarantee the quality of service provided business requirements. This paper focuses on quality of service based on IP network intelligence space modeling and model network unicast routing theory and algorithms to carry out the research work in IP network-based intelligent space modeling, eliminate imprecise state information in the model network routing The impact model network unicast routing algorithms, such as distributed routing algorithm, source routing algorithm, swarm intelligence routing algorithms and traffic engineering in the algorithm, etc., and meticulous research. (1) to an existing computer network technology, voice compression and transmission technology, video compression and transmission technology and building automation and control network technology for the study of the background, construct based intelligent space model of the IP network. The model to achieve a smart space control subspace, the data subspace voice subspace and video sub-space interconnected and integrated, powerful information and resource sharing capabilities. (2) based on intelligent space inaccurate network status information generated proposed a novel idea for solving the problem of inaccurate information about an adverse impact on the routing algorithm. The ideas extremal distribution assumption the status information is not required, but the use of existing state information on the selection probability of inaccurate information minimal impact on the path to meet the quality of service requirements, and thereby effectively reduce the network information in the smart space not The accuracy of the algorithm. (3) propose an extension based on the optimal path the Dijkstra routing algorithms, is used to solve the problem of the many restrictions path inaccurate information in smart space. The search algorithm uses a combination of parameters, reducing the information inaccurate algorithm, and optimize the use of resources; and by restricting the node to optimize the number of paths, reducing the complexity of the algorithm. Simulation algorithm is simple, efficient, scalable, fast convergence characteristics and status information can be weakened to some extent inaccurate algorithm, and provide the ability to restrict routing for business in the smart space. (4) a flooded unicast routing algorithm based on the optimal path limited choice for solving intelligent space

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