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Establishing a Solar Radiation Measurement Network in Chinese Ecosystem Research Network and Study on the Distribution Characteristics of Ultraviolet and Photosynthetically Radiation in China

Author HuBo
Tutor WangMingXing
School Institute of Atmospheric Physics
Course Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment
Keywords Observation network UV radiation Photosynthetically active radiation Distribution characteristics Calibration method Quality Control
CLC P422.62
Type PhD thesis
Year 2005
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Ultraviolet and photosynthetically active radiation observation network established in the field observation of the Chinese Ecosystem Research Network site and long-term radiation observational studies, can acquire and accumulate radiation radiation theory research and model development much needed information to provide a basis for climate prediction ; radiation observations reveal our climate formation, understanding of climate resources, one of the scientific data planning basis for the development of agriculture and forestry. Foundation radiation observations, uniform in the ultraviolet and photosynthetically active radiation observation network standards and radiation observations with the world standard methods of observation and observation instruments for global change, environmental diplomacy, or the development of China's national economy has important theoretical significance and practical value. A total of 36 field positioning observation station in typical ecological type, good stability, high precision and easy operation of the foundation radiation observing system. Adopt scientific management methods, radiation data and related the routine meteorological elements data quality control program, a networking foundation radiation characteristics of our terrestrial ecosystem research network observation and research, and observation data for the in-depth analysis, master and reveals the variation of the foundation radiation and its distribution characteristics. The main content of this paper is as follows: (1) radiation instrument calibration method. Established through the the integrated cavity surface, and the solar tracker table accurate calibration system of the total radiation, and by the precision of the table of the calibration of the total radiation is 3%, less than the accuracy of the the WMO recognized total radiation table. UV / spectrometer of photosynthetically active radiation and radiation standard lamp table calibration method of ultraviolet radiation statement and photosynthetically active radiation, ultraviolet radiation calibration uncertainty of 5% reach the the WMO observation worksheet sensitivity accuracy requirements. Photosynthetically active radiation table, only 5% accuracy, and can meet the standards required by the the WMO radiation observations. (2) near-surface layer radiation vertical changes in observational studies. In Beijing 325 m meteorological tower radiation gradient observations, there is a clear vertical variation of ultraviolet radiation and direct radiation found near the surface layer of the Beijing city, near-surface layer of pollution is one of the main factors of change caused by radiation gradient. The vertical gradient of radiation under a the pollution severe weather conditions is greater than the magnitude of changes in the fine weather, radiation when a sandstorm in the vertical gradient is very small. Winter vertical observational data found that the Beijing city UV radiation and the diurnal variation of the direct radiative decay rate are hyperbolic, the decay rate of the morning, minimum decay rate noon, afternoon decay rate gradually picked up . (3) dust storms on Earth observation of the effects of radiation research. In the the sandstorms process, the Beijing city's total radiation, ultraviolet radiation, photosynthetically active radiation, and net radiation are drastically reduced. In the case of the input of a large number of dust particles in the field,

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