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Study on the Techniques and Methods for the Geochemical Anomaly Verification in Swamp-Forest Areas, Northeast China

Author MaXiaoYang
Tutor ShenZuoLi
School Chinese Geology University (Beijing)
Course Geochemistry
Keywords swamp-forest Heilongjiang geochemical landscape geochemical anomaly verification existent forms of the element
CLC P632
Type PhD thesis
Year 2006
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Swamp-forest area geochemical perambulantion task has developed manyyears , but there were only a few of the discoverable deposits whichaccording to the geochemical production . The effect was not very perfect .The principal reason is that an effective anomaly verification method hasbeen found yet .This dissertation took the Heilongjiang swamp-forest area for exampleto make the research of mid-large scale geochemical technique .Theresearch contents included : ① differentiated the geochemistrysub-landscape style in the Heilongjiang swamp-forest area . ②researched the secondary transference enrichment rule of differentsub-landscape style element .③found the secondary medium which canreflect the endogenesis metal deposit information and the existenttransference form of the element. ④ provided the swamp-forest with thegeochemical anomaly verification thoughtway and technique of differentsub-landscape styles .The landscape condition of the swamp-forest landscape is complex ,the Heilongjiang swamp-forest area is divided into six sub-landscapestyles:above Heilongjiang low mountain hill sub-landscape style 、Huzhong-Tahe mid-low sub-landscape style、Heihe-Sunwu low mountain hillsub-landscape style、Xiaoxinganling-Zhangguangcailing mid-low mountainsub-landscape style、Wandashan low mountain hill sub-landscape style、Jingpohu-Jidong Cenozoic basalt cover sub-landscape styles .Differentsub-landscape styles have been taken different anomaly verificationmethods .The starting point of this dissertation was to establish theideology which contacted secondary medium with endogenesis mineralizeeffect, and estimated the different existent and migratial forms of theelement in secondary medium . Au Cu Pb Zn anomaly verification method wasresearched differently. On the basis of research achievement ,select twoplaces of anomaly to check by experimental unit and discover one placeof gold mineralization and one place of molybdenum mineralization whichprove the effectivity of the method technique .In a word , the existent principal sub-landscape style and itsdistribution area in the Heilongjiang swamp-forest area ,thesubstantial composing of each sub-landscape style ,mesh distribution,the content change of element , secondary existence、migration form andthe relations of endogenesis metal deposit of element have beensystematically studies in this paper, and the geochemical anomalyevaluation, the thoughtway of verification and method have been advancedin swamp-forest area based on the result of the study ,and got a good resultin the experimental unit research ,The result of the study are not onlyfurnishing the method for mineral perambulantion ahead ,but also preparea ground for further theoretical study in such area.

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