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Synthesis, Characterization and Study on Functional Property for Molybdenum-based Nanomaterials

Author KongYuMei
Tutor PengJun
School Northeast Normal University
Course Inorganic Chemistry
Keywords Molybdenum-based material synthesis properties antibacterial active application
CLC TB383.1
Type PhD thesis
Year 2006
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Molybdenum-based material was widely used in chemical engineering, military,electronics, biomedicine and agriculture, for its plentiful resource and advanced performance.Molybdenum-based nanostructured materials have sparked a worldwide interest because oftheir unique optical, electronic and mechanical properties and potential applications innanodevices and functional materials. A great number of reports showed that studies aboutmolybdenum-based material lagged relatively, and how to use molybdenum resourcerationally and how to develop molybdenum-based nano-structural material are the tenets ofthis paper. In this paper, we successfully synthesized some molybdenum-based nanostructralmaterials, such as molybdenum oxides, polymolybdoxometalates, molybdate etc, by thecombination of soft-chemistry route and hydro/solventhermal techniques, have realized thecontrol of size and shape, and discovered some new properties. 1. The nano-MoO2 and whisker-MoO2 were synthesized by using moderate reductive andprecursor ion under mild hydrothermal conditions. We controlled the morphology of MoO2nanomaterial under mild liquid phase. Conventional synthesis methods included hightemperature solid phase reaction, electrochemistry, γ-ray irradiation and so on, so our methodis that using new mild liquid phase route to synthesize MoO2, which is simple and easy topractise. 2. By using the combination of micro-emulsion and solventhermal method, wesuccessfully synthesized three kinds of polyoxometalates nanomaterial(NPOMs), by the samemethod, other six kinds of amino acid and NPOMs were also synthesized, and then the aminoacid and NPOMs was assembled into film with layer-by-layer method, and this methoddeveloped a good route for the application of functional nanoparticles.3. CoMoO4 nanorods / nanowhisker were synthesized for the first time in micro-emulsionsystem;nanostructural CoMoO4 had novel electrochemical property in contrast to the bulkCoMoO4, and was anticipated being used in electrochemical analysis.4. A kind of macroporous structural crystal material [(CH3)4N]2Mo6O19 was synthesizedunder hydrothermal condition. (CTA)2[MoO2(O2)2] porous cluster material was synthesized atroom temperature, this porous material was anticipated having better catalysis performance,and this experiment is undergoing now.5. The synthesized nanoparticle’s antibacterial effect against coliform was studied for thefirst time by Oxford cup measurement and homemade filter paper measurement. The observedantibacterial activity of nanoparticle was found for the first time. This method developed anew route for the study of property and application development about molybdenum-basednanostrutural material. It had potential actual significance and the development value.

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