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Effects of Fermentive Cornstalk Culture Medium Mixture Ratio on Physical and Chemical Characters in Potted Peony

Author LiChuang
Tutor YangQiuSheng
School Henan Agricultural University
Course Ornamental Plants and Horticulture
Keywords physical-chemical characteristic corn straw potted peony fermentation substrate landscape mulch
CLC S685.11
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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In this experiment, wo took potted peony“Luo yang hong”, a special flower in Henan,as materials. Corn straw was taken as the main substrate, pearlstone,slag and other waste materials as the assistant substrate. Photosynthetic characteristics and Physical and chemical characteristics changing regularity of pot peony with different compound medium were studied.The aim is to find the suitable proportion of compound medium in planting potted peony and to provide the basic theory of culture.The results showed that:1. Seasonal variation of Pn demonstrated that the variation of pn of different formula increased firstly and reduced then, showing a single peak curve. Da feng ling period ,tender peony leaves began to spread,the pn level was low and then peaked till blostering ,the value was 6.67 umolCO2.m-2.s-1.it was flowering period of the‘Luo yang hong’,the powerful‘warehouse-source relation’promoted Photosynthetic capacity .during leaves-falling period , Chlorophyll depleted , Photosynthesis became fainted ,Pn reduced to the lowest point ,the value is 1.19 umolCO2.m-2.s-1. Pn of treatment 7 had apparent differences with other treatments in every testing time.2. Seasonal variation of chlorophyll demonstrated that high chlorophyll contents between germination and leaf unfolding periods.which also has a high photosynthetic rate, indicating that the increase of chlorophyll content to contribute to photosynthesis, florescence bud differentiation begins to decrease ,probably because the summer heat and highlight to destroy or degrade faster than the synthesis rate or the reasons for occurrence of photoinhibition.There is a very low levels during leaf abscission.The chlorophyll content were first increased and then decreased between different compound medium and the CK.3. Seasonal variation of root activity showed that peony root activity presented at the annual growth period‘double peak’,the first peak appeared in leaf unfolding,the second peak appeared in floral bud differentiation,the first peak was higher than the second peak.There is a certainly influence of peony root activity in different compound medium,which is closely related between peony root growth and seasonal conditions.4. Seasonal variation of available P and K demonstrated that the available K content showed a downward trend from germination to leaf abscission during the potted peony‘Luo yang hong’year growth period,which may be the pants need more potassium in development,transformation and transport in sugar ,while potassium faster diffusion in the matrix.The available phosphorus showed a increasing trend from germination to leaf unfolding stage and a downward trend from leaf unfolding to florescence stage in the whole year growth period,and florescence of the year reached the minimum levels,which may be peony bud development,the growth of leaves and new stems consumed a large number of P elements.There is a increasing trend between floral bud differentiation and leaf abscission,and leaf abscission of the year reached maximum levels.This may be the photosynthetic rate and the peony root activity reduced the impact of the plant untake of available P in the substrate so that a large number of accumlated phosphorus.5. Effects of mulching on soil properties of landscape showed that in the upper layer soil bulk desity were reduced and the soil moisture were increased significantly .The ideal thickness was 3 cm for corn straw compost and the least compost were used if mulched for 120 days ;After 180 days the soil nutrients was increased significantly and chemical fertilizer use was reduced with different thickness of corn mulch;100% of weed population were reduced with 6 cm corn mulch;Soil temperature variation were less fluctuating with the corn straw composts mulching. Mulch with agricultural waste on landscape can save water,fertilizer and labor ,accord with the demands of economical landscape building, and the ecological benefits are remarkable, so it is worth of promoting and application.6. Its synthesize character appearance better when corn straw,slag,and pearlstone were mixed by3:2:1,in other words when the volume proportion of corn straw is 48%,slag is 32%,pearlstone is 16%, the cultivation effect was better,whether there are existent better substrate we should study more. The treatment 7 bulk density was 0.298g.cm-3,total porosity was 0.73%, water retained porosity was 0.49%, pH was 6.26, EC was 1.36 mS.cm-1, its physical characteristic was the best,and it will be better for the culter of peony.

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