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State, society and vulnerable groups

Author CaiQinYu
Tutor CaiShaoQing
School Nanjing University
Course Modern Chinese History
Keywords Social relief Vulnerable groups Relief cause Relief system Republic of society Practical level Social Security Institutional level Remedies Advanced countries in the world
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2001
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This dissertation primarily studies the social relief facilities of the Kuomintang rule between 1927-1949. The research area is limited to the region ruled by the Kuomintang. The full text is divided into five chapters according to the research goal and the analytical viewpoint. The first chapter looks back upon the traditional Chinese social relief facilities.The author holds that in the traditional Chinese society, the Government bore the essential responsibility of the social relief facilities. The principal activity of that is send relief to the famine areas in this course formed the advanced famine politics. The government suppress made it difficult for the middling organizations to develop and had a limited impact on social commonality business. Only those regional or professional organizations exert a limited impact in small sphere of the commercial,political and culture center. The backward social relief facilities made it necessary for the family and clan to play the part of the main forces in the social relief facilities. In general, the traditional ideas and patterns of old China’s social relief is inactive. The second chapter emphasizes the establishment of modern social relief system, in the modern Chinese history especially in the Republic of China times. It concretely includes the formation of the idea in modern social relief, the development of social relief equipment, legislation, management of social relief and the establishment of the social relief system. The author considers that the establishment of the modern social relief is the result of the fusion of the Chinese and Western thought and culture. The western culture is a strong potential. The third chapter analyzes the implement of the social relief. The text take the vulnerale mass as the standard to approach the republic of China’s policies, methods, and measures in almsgiving the refugees, victims of the nature calamity, unemployed, misfortune women and widowers. widows, orphans and childless and disabled; those who have no kith and kin and cannot support themselves. The dissertation under the impression that the Governmental relief is the leading part of the social relief of the Republic of China. It’s thought and methods mostly based on the principle of "relieving the people and relieving them completely" linked up the enhancing the quality of social member and the development of social affairs. Chapter four analyzes the implement of social relief from the angles of the folklore. The text analyzes respectably the contend of traditional folklore social relief. The advent and development of the new style society relief, philanthrope grow and its impacts on social relief are far ranging. It reaches into everywhere of the society. In a society without an established social indemnification system, self-protect and self-help are important feature. Chapter five is the conclusion and introspection. Social relief has an activity and valid effect on the Republic of China’s social indemnification, social safety, social development. We can obtain enlightenment from the social relief of Republic of China. The epilogue is the author’s opinion about the establishment of a social indemnification system. The author thinks that in our day, we must setup an indemnification system that includes all kinds of members of the society. The establishment must refer to the experience of other developed countries in the world. It must reflect Chinese national features as well as converge with that of the world. This is the requirement of the contemporary times.

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