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Jia Yi Thought

Author LiangAnHe
Tutor HuangLiuZhu
School Northwestern University
Course Specialized History
Keywords The social at the Beginning of Han Dynasty Jia Yi’s Thought A comparative study
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2006
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The thought is not only the reflection of the social existense , but also the concentrated showing of social consciousness. The initial stage of west Han dynasty experienced a period of economic depression . Because of the government’s adaptable policies ,every aspect of the society gradually recovered and developed after more than twenty years .Concerning with the political system, there was a convertion from succession to the Qin dynesty system to gradually expelling its abuse and establishing the Han political system which took the Confucianism as the direction .Owing to the economic recovery and critical attitudes toward the Qin dynasty’s administration , People tended to desert the incapable Taolist thought and turn to the capable thought gradually . Jia Yi’s Thought was the profound reflection of Han dynasty’s early social existence and consciousness .It was also the inheritance and development of every academic school’sthought in the Pre -Qin Period——such as the inheritance of Confucianism ,absorption of legalist ,beingsubjected to the Taoist thought ,the Moist .Astrologer and miscellaneous school’s Thought——Whichformed the theoretical foundation of Jia Yi’s Thought.Thought formation and development of a person turns into a process and change frequently ,Jia Yi isno exception .The thesis is to analyze his thought in two aspect——the early period’s thought and the lateperiod’s thought. Jia Yi had received excellent education in the private school in his home town before he serving in the feudual court. He read the classic works extensively and renowed for his essays ,poems and calligraphy among the local residents .He was also appreciated by the official Wu who adopted him asdiscinple . During this period the works he wrote——’Dao shu’, ’Lui shu’and ’Dao de’——are thereflection of his early thought ,His statements and relation of Taoism and viewpoint of the relation between ’Liu li’ and ’Liu yi’ explained that his own system info hadn’t been formed yet. To some extent, his certain viewpoints to some theory were still more misty , immature , even invested with the naive materialism and mysterious doctrine.During the time of being a Boshi, Tai zhong Da Fu and Tai fu ( powerful official at feudal court ) at feudal court, he began to involve himself in the political role and got around to the social problem . At the same time ,his thought gradually took shape and became mature .Aiming at solving the social problem in the early Han dynasty—such as , the extravagance lifestyle ,Huns repeatedly attacks , Vassal King’s immeasurably dissolute and summarizing and drawing a lesson from the experience of Qin dynasty’s Perdition Jia Yi advocated the thought of governing the country by comity .He made further expiaination in many aspect of comity including its origin , its social function , Political meaning , category , content ,grading difference, the aim of comity administration and the relation between comity and law .These contents showed that his thought of the operation of the government through social institutions and rule of rites ,which succeed to Xun Tze and showed the way to Dong zhongshu , had paved the way for the confucianlism to step into the political stage .The characteristics of his thought lay in its attaching great importance to the filial duty ,the loyalty and take the subjects interests as the priority which had great effect on the Hanwen emperor and also take a very important position in our national political thought history . The formation of his social history outlook was the summing up and casting up of ancient history of spring and autumn Period and Warring states Period and ancient times’ Three King and Five Emperor other than the lesson which drew from the perdition of Qin dynasty .He believes that the dynamic social history was caused by internal contradiction of the society . He held that the masses had boundless creative power which can stop the tiding of the history and also took a positive attitude toward peasant revolt to rebel the Qin dynasty’s cruel administration which leaded by Chen sheng. In addition, he emphasized that certain big deal’s influence in the process of history and the relationship between the necessity and haphazard . His historical outlook was positive and also accorded with the scientific spirit of dialectical and history materialism . There are also certain age limitation in his theory of recurrence and relation between

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