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Expression, Location of Annexin Al in Mouse Testis and Relationship between Annexin Al and Fertilization

Author WeiYuZhen
Tutor GaoFuLu;JiangYiPing
School Hebei Medical University
Course Human Anatomy and Embryology
Keywords Annexin A1 expression location testis sperm fertilization mouse
CLC R329
Type PhD thesis
Year 2006
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Annexins are Ca2+-dependent phospholipid binding proteins forming an evolutionary conserved multigene family with members of the family being expressed throughout animal and plant kingdoms. They play extensive roles in physiological functions of cells. Annexin A1 (AnxA1) is an important member of this family in mammalian, which are intimately related to many events such as cell proliferation, differentiation, signal transmission, inflammation, and so on. It was found in all sorts of cells including sperm, in which it located in special areas, presumed to be associated with a series of Ca2+-dependent events such as motility, membrane fusion during acrosomal reaction, and sperm-egg interaction during fertilization. But at present, the function of annexins in reproductive system remain uncertain. There are no reports in expression and location of AnxA1 in testis. Localization study of AnxA1 in sperm are fairly limited. Meanwhile, no direct investigation on its function in sperm has been reported so far. In this article, expression and location of AnxA1 in mouse testis of different age was studied in order to discover the relationship between AnxA1 and testis postnatal development and spermatogenesis. Simultaneously, location of AnxA1 in sperm at different maturing stages and different physiologic status was detected. Besides, anti-AnxA1 polyclonal antibody was prepared and used to explore the relationship between AnxA1 and fertilization in vitro. This study attempted to establish a foundation of reseach on the role of AnxA1 in reproductive system as well as the mechanism of fertilization in mammalian and human, which probably can offer theory instruction to reproduction engineerine, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies for sterility and contraception.The experiment included three parts.1 Expression and location of AnxA1 in mouse testis of different

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