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Study the Relation of Shen Newspaper Office and Chinese Modern Novel

Author WenJuan
Tutor GuoYuShi
School East China Normal University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords the Shen newspaper office <Shen newspaper> the modern novel novel advertisements
CLC I207.42
Type PhD thesis
Year 2006
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Before thirty-two years of the modern times that the Shen newspaper office have appeared (1840-1872), the Qing government promulgated the novel prohibition five times, in order to destroy the novel printing plate and punish the novel selling. The environment of novel writing and publishing was so abominable , and the novel had to survivor in the seam. According to Professor Chen Dakang’s <Chinese modern novels annals>, only 51 novel books have written from 1840 to 1872, but a litter books have published and propagated in readers. The year of 1872, the Qing government promulgated a kind of law , it explicitly stipulated who wrote or published novels would be serious punished. But just in the that year , the Shen newspaper office set up and it have begun to serialize novels. After that moment, the seeking stories notice have appeared in <Shen newspaper>, and novel books which gained through seeking have been published.At that time, not many people paid attention to the action of the Shen newspaper office, but it have influenced the establishing of novel magazines after 30 years and a magazine whose named <Ying Huan Suo Ji> have became the pioneer of all kinds of modern novel magazines. In the other side, the Shen newspaper office paid attention to novels, so that some novel books could not published in past time, for example <Xiao Shi> \ <Feng Yue Meng> ect. had good conditions to be published. The others publishing houses also have published a lot of novels books afterwards. These books have influenced many readers, so Fu Lanya’s seeking novels notice could appeared and Liang Qichao’s "novel Revolution" could put forward. Early in the twentieth century, many novels and short stories have appeared in < Shen newspaper > from the year of 1907. Until to the year of 1911, 248 novels and short stories have appeared in <Shen newspaper>, and it have became a kind of newspaper that serialize the most novels and short stories. A lot of novels advertisements in < Shen newspaper> also were the important materials for the studying of the modern novels.First, the paper will discuss the early situation of the Shen newspaper office, and explain the master Ernest Major how to publish novel books, how to serialize novels; at same time, analyze the relations of the chief writers and the modern novel. After that, the paper will discuss the reasons of serialize novels and short stories in < Shen

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