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Research on Models and Simulation of Electromagnetic Railgun Exterior Trajectory

Author XieYangLiu
Tutor YangMing;MaPing
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Control Science and Engineering
Keywords model exterior trajectory hypervelocity railgun projectile
Type Master's thesis
Year 2008
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Nowadays, with the development of military technology, weapons of hypervelocity and high kinetic energy are in demand. Electromagnetic railgun has an electromagnetic emitter which provides original velocity to the projectile through power of Lorentz force on impulse current. Electromagnetic emitter can give the projectile a velocity of several kilometers per second and makes the projectile have tremendous kinetic energy and weapon power. As there is aerodynamic heating and ablation by hypervelocity, exterior trajectory characters of railgun are different from that of general weapons with fire control system. In this research, exterior trajectory models are established and exterior trajectory characters are analyzed through simulation results. Main contents are as follows:Firstly, the domestic and overseas development information on demand background, structure characters, technical principium, as well as exterior trajectory models of weapons with hypervelocity, are intruduced.Secondly, exterior trajectory models of electromagnetic railgun are established. The hypothesis and applicable fields of different exterior trajectory models are summarized and the characters of those models are analyzed to established exterior trajectory models for weapons with hypervelocity. Factors influencing exterior trajectory characters are listed. Modeling method on electromagnetic railgun exterior trajectory is researched according to these factors and exterior trajectory models of electromagnetic railgun including condition models are established.Thirdly, exterior trajectory models of electromagnetic railgun are simulated and characters of exterior trajectory are analyzed. Simulation experiments are done based on the established models. According to the data of simulation experiments, characters of exterior trajectory are analyzed. Initial conditions of simulation experiments are designed in conformity to flight ranges. Influence on errors of fire zone by factors, including aerodynamic heating and ablation, are analyzed.At last, fast computing methods about electromagnetic railgun exterior trajectory are researched. Fast computing methods with simplifications according to different models, as well as the applicable fields, are listed. Simplified shooting data sheets are compiled with simulation results, and curve fitting is done according to the sheets data. Exterior trajectory curves computed through subsection series method are given to be compared with the curves from differential equations.Correctness of exterior trajectory models on electromagnetic railgun established in this research, as well as necessity of condition models, is validated through simulation results and analysis on characters of exterior trajectroy. Conclusions on influence by initial disturbances and conditions to exterior trajectory characters are listed. Appropriate fast computing methods are chosen based on characters of electromagnetic railgun. Further study directions on these aspects are given by the limitations of the research.

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