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The Effects of Crude Extracted Protein Secreted by VacA~ H. Pylori on Gastric Acid Secretion and the Proliferation /Apoptosis of Gastric Epithelial Cells

Author ZhaoZuoQing
Tutor QianJiaMing
School Peking Union Medical College , China
Course Department of Gastroenterology,
Keywords Gastric parietal cells Medical Secreted proteins Liquid culture Gastric acid secretion Concorde Supernatant Expression levels Gene expression profiling Apoptosis
CLC R573
Type PhD thesis
Year 2005
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Since Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) was found in 1982, the great development has been obtained in the study of H. pylori and its related diseases. However, the study on the mechanisms of different clinical outcomes (such as chronic gastritis, atrophic gastritis, peptic ulcer, stomach cancer and gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma) resulted from its infection is still a hot topic which has been attracted wide attention. It is generally agreed that not only do the different diseases caused by its infection depend on the hereditary characters of host and environmental factors, but also some features of the pathogen are the leading causes. Under the actions of strains with different virulence, whether gastrointestinal epithelial cells go into proliferation or apoptosis and whether the level of gastric acid secretion increases or decreases will directly lead to different clinical pathological changes.Vacuolating cytotoxin (VacA) is one of the leading virulent factors of Helicobacter pylori, but the research on its pathogenicity lags behind that of CagA because of its low secretory volume, difficult purification of its native protein and absence or change of virulence of its recombination protein. With the development of Helicobacter pylori research, this secretion protein, which can exert toxic action without the direct adhesion of bacteria, has attracted the interest of investigators little by little. For this reason, the purpose of this study was to observe the regulation and control of the crude extracted protein containing VacA of H.pylori Broth culture filtrate on the acid secretion of isolated parietal cells from rabbit and the proliferation/apoptosis of gastric epithelial cells. 1. The effect of the Broth culture filtrate protein of VacA~+ H. pylori on the acidsecretion of rabbit parietal cells in vitroThis study: 1) Helicobacter pylori (NCTC 11637, VacA~+) was grown in liquid

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