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Sino - US Economic Diplomacy

Author ZengJun
Tutor GongLi
School The Central Party School
Course International political
Keywords economic diplomacy Sino-American economic diplomacy Sino-American relation Sino-American economic and trade relation
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2006
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With the rapid development of economic globalization, economic communication among countries has become frequent. The complex economic relations among countries are important components of the contemporary international relations. Economic factor plays an important role in the international relations. Therefore, the function of Economic factor in the international communication is increasing. Economic diplomacy has become an important part of overall national diplomacy and is gained more attention from governments.China is the largest developing country and the United States is the largest developed country respectively. Chinese economy is complementary to that of the United States .Economic factor plays an important role in China-US relations. As an important component of China-US diplomacy, the function of Sino-American economic diplomacy on maintaining the stability and development of Sino-American relation is obvious. Making deep research on Sino-American economic diplomacy and exploring the interaction of Sino-American economic diplomacy are helpful to safeguard two nation’s common economic interests. Probing into the effect of economic diplomacy on Sino-American relations and promoting the coordination of economic diplomacy and political diplomacy are conductive to defend the stable development of Sino-American relations.The framework of this dissertation consists of five chapters as follows:ChapterⅠ: This chapter sums up the theory and practice of economic diplomacy in the contemporary international relations. It analyses the position and function of economic diplomacy in the contemporary international relations. It points out that many countries regard economic diplomacy as an important way to safeguard national economic interest and other strategic interest, to enhance the position in the international community, to strengthen economic communication with other countries and solve the economic disputes among countries.ChapterⅡ: It analyses deeply the background and the internal reasons of Sino-American economic diplomacy. This chapter points out that peace and development is the theme of the present era, Chinese government establishes the economic construction as the core of policies and sticks to the open policy for a long time, all of which are the backgrounds of Chinese government launching the economic diplomacy toward the United States. It indicates that the backgrounds of the United States launching the economic diplomacy toward China are Sino-American close economic and trade relation and US making use of the economic diplomacy to realize its political goals. The large gap of comprehensive power of two countries shows that China should open to the largest developed country--- the United States. This chapter shows that the mutual demand for strategic interest, and the main way to

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