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A long history

Author ChenCaiXun
Tutor MaRuiFang
School Shandong University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Chunqiu Zuozhuan the literary form of the fiction the technique of writing from Chunqiu narration the technique of portraying the character
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2006
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We know the relation between the history and fiction well. Many people research it in a whole way. When we make a concrete analysis of the relation, we often cite the Shiji to illustrate it. But,as the earliest history, Zuozhuan also exert a tremendous influence on the classical fictions. Even in the ancient times, many fiction critics mention SiMaqian and ZuoQiuming in the same breath. Much less, the Zuozhuan exerts a tremendous influence on Shiji in many ways. Because Zuozhuan is a history to explain Chunqiu, it has an direct bearing on Chunqiu. And the Chunqiu is the earliest chronicle in china;Compared with Shiji,the most important thing is that they are Confucian classics and histories. As the authoritative words, many aesthetic ideas from Chunqiu and Zuozhuan exert a tremendous influence on the novel’s aesthetic forms. And they also facilitate the novels to have a national style. So I think that it is a significant subject to study the relation between the Zuozhuan and the classical fictions. Zuozhuan is more important to the classical novel,but we also study the relation between the Chunqiou and the classical fictions.The introduction is the research condiction about the relation between the classical and Zuozhuan. We mainly study the research condition from the old days to today.The first chapter is the aesthetic and article history. It mainly study the relation between the literary form of the classical fiction and the Zuozhuan. At the same time, we also research the fiction feature of Zuozhuan and the reason of the feature.The origin of the literary form of the classical fiction is different from the origin of the fiction factor .We mainly study the origin of the literary form of the classical fiction. Many factor have exerted a influence on the literary form of the classical fiction, but they take different effect .The fable is entirely reasonable, and not narrative. Its plot is not obvious and short. It is only a unit of the articles written by the various schools of thought during the period from pre-Qin times to the early years of the Han Dynasty. It does not have a direct effect on the literary form of the classical fiction, and only one of the origins of the classical fiction. The Chinese myth has not

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