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Study of Physical Mechanics Property and Solidified Technology of Bauxite Mine Slime

Author DuChangXue
Tutor PengZhenBin;YangChuanDe
School Central South University
Course Geological Engineering
Keywords Bauxite mine Mine slime Physical mechanics property Curing agent Solidified mechanism
CLC P574
Type PhD thesis
Year 2006
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Bauxite mine slime is the high water content and red clay material that discharged during product Alumina, The main method to deal with it in China is transporting by pipe and storing up it as it is nature, its advantage is that the operation of storage yard to manage is simple, the bauxite mine slime emission and store up without special requirement, but it occupy plenty of lands as it store up in nature, the soda attached is lost easily. Defence seeps handling is difficult, and it have latent harm for environment. GuangXi PingGuo Aluminum Industry Company have stored up bauxite mine slime exceed 1000x104m3 since it started product alumina in 1995, and is increasing with the speed of 4000 m3/d . Plenty of bauxite mine slime put aside to do not need cause resource waste, and have again increased the production cost of company.Using site testing and geotechnial testing indoor, X-ray Energy Dispersive Analysis(EDAX), X-ray diffraction phase analysis, Inductively Coupled Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry(ICP-AES), Scanning Electron Microscopy(SEM) and bauxite mine slime solidified experiment etc, we study the physical mechanics chemical property, curing agent test and selection, the solidified mechanism of bauxite mine slime. On this foundation we discuss the application of solidified bauxite mine slime.The pellet of the bauxite mine slime discharged by GuangXi PingGuo Aluminum Mine Company are small, the surface of the pellet is big, pellet surface electrified, and there is not glued between pellets. There are three areas when bauxite mine slime deposited because of pellet size , current velocity , put mine slime method and the density of bauxite mine slime. The three areas are: alluviation beach district above the water, alluviation beach district under the water and deposit area. Because of deposit law and the property of itself, bauxite mine slime forms the " Super Impracticable Structure" microscopic structure when it is depositing. By this, the water content of bauxite mine slime exceed 100%, cross shear strength does not exceed 58.2kPa, reduce coefficient α1-2 are between 020 MPa-1 and1.85MPa-1, liquid limit is 43.8%, plasticity

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