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The Study of Zhang-shengjun Cult in Fujian

Author YuLiZuo
Tutor LinGuoPing
School Fujian Normal University
Course Specialized History
Keywords Fujian folk belief Zhang-shengjun cult
CLC B933
Type PhD thesis
Year 2006
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This paper takes the Fujian folk belief as the background, uses the massive data coming from field investigation and literature materials, promulgates the historical process that peoper deificated Zhang-shengjun who was a magic, zealouss for public interests and roming taoist priest that was following the large-scale movement of making gods in Fujian between Tang — Song dynasty. In Ming -Qing Dynasties, because of the difference of geographical environment, the social culture life, the history evolution of Zhang-shengjun cult secularizating and localizating that makes the great numbers of ancestor palace in different places. At the same time, the main function of protecting agriculture and eliminating the evils and ghostes of Zhang-shengjun cult was established gradually. Starting from Song Dynasty, the region scope of Zhang-shengjun was developing to new depth and breadth, and disseminated into Taiwan and the Southeast Asia Chinese people community along with the immigration footsteps. As a result of vicissituding of social economy and culture, folk belief was reviving comprehensively from last century 80’s, and the the Zhang-shengjun ’s function , folk custom activity, the belief ceremony are adapting with peoper all kinds of prays and demands nowdays. Local authorities pay attention to Zhang-shengjun cult for that gods could promote the development and construction of local tourism. But the authorities must conformity all kinds of Zhang-shengjun ’s travel resources in each place that could promote local travel’s sustainable development. In addition, through the fable text of competition and cooperation between Zhang-shengjun and other gods repelling that gods obtains the best ecology position by competing and cooperating in space and time Uygur, function Uygur and relationship Uygur, and guaranteeing the ecology system of folk belief in the state of harmony and equilibrium.

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