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The New Thinking of Northeast Residential Building Which is Influenced by Multi-cultural

Author JiangQing
Tutor WangTieJun
School Northeast Normal University
Course Art of Design
Keywords Vernacular Architecture Detailed design Green Design Energy saving
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The northeast area of China where is in multi-cultural circle is dominated by Han culture, it is not only integrated with the regional ethnic culture such as Manchu, Mongolian, Korean, but also the customs of the country culture such as Japanese, North Korea, Russia. Moreover, the climate of the northeast area of China changes largely, it often appears extreme weather, which makes the northeast peoples have unique feelings on ice and natural scenes. Therefore, on the influence of regions, time, nationality, country conditions, the dwelling houses building of Northeast China presents a distinctive architectural style.Based on the analyzed of the type of architecture of Northeast China, and compared with the current form of residential construction techniques, we can conclude that the ancient buildings is not only the living fossil of the history, but also the most powerful evidence that waking-up humanism feelings, it is a great crystallization of the wisdom of the indigenous residents of Northeast China and the great forces that fight against the nature. It shows the vitality, dialectic, contradiction, change and dedication of the development process of human history, it promote the development of the history. We should not only focus on the past, but also concern about the future. The development direction of living environment should be green, ecological, harmonious, humanized. At the same time, even if the present consciousness, cultural, ideological confused, as a relatively mature experience and example, the future of Northeast China residential buildings will still stick to its geographical characteristics, raising in the humanity (formal structure, decorative style, Materials technology, utility function). We use today’s popular green, technology, low carbon saving technology ways to interpret a new dwelling houses building form of Northeast China. In today’s society, under the influence of the natural science factors such as energy, materials, and social factors such as population, environment, high quality, high-performance human living environment is particularly important and prominent. Everything belongs to one point "harmony between man and nature ".

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