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Was fleeting according to shadow to

Author LuHongYing
Tutor ChenJian
School Zhejiang University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords Education Press Li Shang-yin Huiyin Modernist poet Imagery Crescent School Hsu Chih-mo Symbolism Classical poetics University Press
CLC I207.25
Type PhD thesis
Year 2006
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The essay selects the typical views and fields of Chinese modern poems thataccurately and fixedly pours out one’s heart------Chinese modern love poems (modernvernacular Chinese new pours in the light of the subjective love experience of the perspective anthors),does some research and exploration. In three dimensional spaces concerning tradition、 west and modernity, by means of sorting out theoretical harmony between Chinese and western poetics and explaining the cultural sources of "archetype" implied in the love poems contexts, The essay expounds looming classic inner secret in the turbulent evolution, and analysed bit by bit the poetry schools in different stages、 the poets’ respective accomplishment emphasis and love poems creation and outstanding variation in the essence of aesthetics.At the same time, the essay endeavours to study and contemplates ontological connotation of "Love" in terms of plaintiveness and refreshment involving the flavours of Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty related to the modern love poems, and finally returns to its destination、 redeems and exalts, and establishes the position of "Chronology" about Chinese modern love poems.Chinese modern feeling poem for inherit classically, is a following stage one after another:"the May 4th" feeling poems still have to inherit latently in the treachery, Inheritted the classic origin in many ways, and melt into the modern poetry to found silently, Showed the Chinese verse influence of inside lingering charm from it profound.The verse theories of the New moon parties" included the east and wests, Point to the classicality clearly, Inheritted the traditional poem to learn broadly from the rhyme, elegant language, poem form, imagination, idea, meaning...etc. The feeling poem of"the new moon parties" at whole up present a daintiness of classic verse, Become the first time creations high tide of the classic and modern fusion in modern verse history, Excellent turned the quality of the modern poetry, For the modern parties of 30’s lengthways deep returned to return to beat to like the foundation."Symbol parties" poet at the time of horizontally drawing lessons from the western symbolism verse, Be latent influence by the traditional mode of thinking and the verse theories, The decadent meaning of the feeling poem inside still has the sensitive faculty color of the east, With" hand over to ring" experience of the great universe, actually similar traditional" the scene hands over to melt", The " allusion" of the feeling poem performance, with the classic verse theoretical of"Xing" likeness. The experience of the creations of these initial stages, Provided the experience for" the modern parties" of the 30’s." Modern parties" after" the New moon parties" of the 20’s, Trace back to the classic verse tradition again, Their verse ories inquiried into the core concept of the classic verse theories:Express the artistic conception of the idea, dim moonlight of affection,Their feeling poem is in the motion, idea, artistic conception, meaning of the deep time ascend inheritting the daintiness of the classic feeling poem quality, Come

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