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Scattering of Steady State Body Waves by Structure in Saturated Soil

Author JiangLingFa
Tutor WangJianHua
School Shanghai Jiaotong University
Course Solid Mechanics
Keywords saturated soil Biot dynamic wave theory dissipation cavity lining structure circular-arc alluvial valley conformal mappings scattering dynamic stress concentration coefficients pore pressure concentration coefficients
CLC O347.4
Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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In terms of Biot’s dynamic theory, the multi-polar coordinate and complex function are used to put forward an approximate analysis method for scattering and concentration coefficient of harmonic plane body wave around a circular cavity or the structure in a saturated soil half-space. Here, a circular cavity with large radius is used to replace the straight boundary of saturated soil half-space. The studies of the paper consist of the following parts.(1) With the dissipation condition, the steady state Biot’s dynamic field equations of saturated solid are uncoupled into Helmholtz equations via given potential functions. Here, the complex function method based on the potential function and multi-polar coordinate method are used. A circular-arc with large radius is used to replace the straight boundary of the saturated soil half-space. The stresses and pore water pressures are obtained by the potential functions with certain boundary conditions of the saturated soil. Then the variations of the coefficients of dynamic stress concentration and the pore pressures concentration on boundaries of the cavity are discussed with different parameter conditions(2) Based on Biot’s dynamic theory and elastic wave theory, the potential functions is used to decoupled the equations the saturated soil and the elastic lining with the complex function method and the multi-polar coordinate method. Considering the conditions between the saturated soil and the lining, the coefficients in the potentials can be determines by using the boundary condition of the lining and the straight boundary of the saturated soil half-space replaced by a circular-arc with large radius. Utilizing the solutions of the potential functions, the expressions of the displacements, stresses and pore pressures of saturated around the lining structure can be obtained. Some numerical results are given by the different parameter conditions and some conclusions are obtained.(3) By using a circular-arc with large radius to replaced the straight boundary of the saturated half-space and the circular-arc alluvial valley, the scattering of saturated circular-arc alluvial valley and straight boundary of the saturated half-space can be studied. The coefficients of dynamic stresses concentration and

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