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Study on Dong Bi-wu’s Legal Thoughts from the Perspective of Mass Line

Author ZhangZuoZuo
Tutor FuZiTang
School Southwest University of Political Science
Course Legal Theory
Keywords Dong Bi-wu Mass line Regime constructiong legislation Justice law-abiding
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Dong Bi-wu was one of the founders of the Communist Party of China, People’s Republic of China.He also placed an improtant role in China’s legal system. He was good at using the basic principles of Marxism, combined with China’s national conditions, proposed a complete legal system of the system advocated in the People’s Republic of China . The article consists of seven parts:Introduction section: In the "May Fourth" movement, especially after the outbreak of the Russian October Revolution, in Shanghai, Dong Bi-wu found a new faith, the real truth - Marxism.Mass line is the important principle of his legal theory.PartⅠ:The power of the masses is the main reason that Dong Bi-wu accepeted Marxism. Dong Bi-wu accepeted Marxism and became one of the founders of the Communist Party of China. In the early days, Dong Bi-wu followed Sun Yat-sen. In the "May Fourth" movement, Dong Bi-wu accepted Marxism.He followed Sun Yat-sen from the bourgeois democratic revolution into a staunch democrat, communist, and became a founder of the Communist Party of China. This is a major turning point of his life, therefore, the power of the masses is wu into the core of Marxist power.PartⅡ: The mass line in Dong Bi-wu’s democratic regime construction thought. In Dong Bi-wu’s theory, the government should really become the people’s government. Government’s power comes from the masses, so it should be in close contact with the masses, listen to their voice, to adopt the views of the masses, protect the interests of the masses, also accept the supervision of the masses, should the government’s authority to establish on the trust of the people. After the founding of wu repeatedly pointed out that state organs are "servants of the people" and "permanent." They should report on their work to the People’s Congress, subject to review and criticism, They must humbly accept the people’s criticism.PartⅢ:The mass line in Dong Bi-wu’s legislation thought. Legislation should truly reflect the will and interests of the people. People to achieve political power, should be in a timely manner with the legal expression of the will of the people out. Wu repeatedly stressed that the legal system for the new China, the importance and necessity of people’s democracy. The socialist legal system is the institutionalization of people’s democracy, law, and effective implementation of and compliance with safeguard democracy. PartⅣ:The mass line in Dong Bi-wu’s Justice thought. Wu proposed to attach importance to the administration of justice, and that the people should firmly establish the concept of justice for the people, the people of justice is to consolidate the people’s democratic dictatorship of the sharp weapons. Justice to all the people to the interests of the people as the standard, all relying on the masses, all for the people and accept supervision by the masses. View of the masses is one of the basic viewpoint of people’s justice.PartⅤ: Mass Movement and make the people obey the law. In the early days, the mass movement has its historical significance, the historical conditions at the time, engaged in a mass movement is absolutely necessary. However, if the mass movement spread, would damage the authority of the legal system, eventually leading to the "Cultural Revolution" lawlessness and chaos. To protect the socialist democratic order, we must strengthen the socialist legal system, and to develop law-abiding consciousness of the masses. Law formulated by the people, reflecting the will of the people, safeguard the interests of the people, culture and law-abiding consciousness of the masses is to consolidate the people’s democratic regime. Wu asked party members to lead by example, in compliance with the Constitution and all other laws, the Party members should play an exemplary role.Conclusion: The "mass line" throughout Dong Bi-wu’s democratic regime building, legislative ideas, thoughts of justice and law-abiding thought , is the important principle of his theory. The mass line and the "people-oriented" scientific concept of development consistent with the spirit of a high degree of inheritance. This legal concept is the people of Marxist legal thought in the new period in China’s latest results. Dong Bi-wu made outstanding contributions for the Marxist legal thought in China .

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