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Agenda-setting media image of migrant workers under Construction

Author SunChaoFang
Tutor Li
School Southwest University of Political Science
Course Journalism
Keywords Migrant workers Media image Agenda Setting Construction
CLC G206
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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China's reform and opening up three decades, after the rise in the development and stability of the process, and gradually a large population of migrant workers, to as much as last year reached 240 million. Among them, the new generation of migrant workers accounted for 61 percent or more. Migrant workers contribute to the development of the city, while the city also affected and changed the lives of migrant workers. The question then arises is gradually increasing, employment, pay talks, children's education, residence, emotional, social security, social security, etc., affects many people's hearts, but also attracted media attention. In 1989, \With the refinement of the media coverage of migrant workers, migrant workers has become a hot topic in society, migrant workers has become a focus of media attention. The media image of migrant workers is also changing with the media perspective. \labeling, stigma. Such reports not only does not solve the problems of migrant workers, but a violation of their legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers, migrant workers and urban exacerbated the contradiction between, much less conducive to social stability and harmony. Migrant workers in what the image should show in the media coverage? How media reports of migrant workers building a positive media image? Article will three party newspaper Metropolis of migrant workers and three related reports, for example, according to the different migrant workers issues of classification comparative analysis of different types of domestic media image of migrant workers newspaper reproduction, digging a true representation of the impact of media coverage of deep-seated reasons and propose appropriate strategies to construct the media image of migrant workers. The full text of more than 30,000 words, divided into an introduction, body and conclusion of three parts. Introduction The main topic of this paper describes the background and theoretical and practical significance, research priorities, difficult and innovations, as well as research methods. Text is divided into three parts. The first part from the social background, social concerns and research results and other aspects of migrant workers 30 years of development were reviewed. Analysis of agenda-setting media coverage of migrant workers under media image rendering. The second part of the different media reports on the comparative analysis of migrant workers, including the selection of target media, real problems faced by migrant workers, the party newspaper and Metropolis Daily reported on different migrant workers and so on. Media image by introducing the concept of comparative analysis of the party newspaper and Metropolis in reporting the number of topics and news reports and other aspects of language differences affecting migrant workers digging deep mechanisms media image. The third part of the previous paper on the basis of comparative analysis, respectively, from the government machinery, media social responsibility, media agenda setting, media literacy and other civic perspective, put forward constructive media image of migrant workers to improve the methods and strategies, including improving policies and systems to improve policy implementation efficiency, enhance media awareness of social responsibility, communicators media literacy, media literacy and the audience's own media literacy of migrant workers and so on. Finally, the media image of migrant workers in construction issues. Epilogue that the author of the media image of the theoretical system of research is not thorough, with the development of society, migrant workers will continue to emerge, the media image of migrant workers Construction research remains to be further deepened.

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