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Research Learning Performance Support System

Author XiaTian
Tutor ZhangJiPing
School East China Normal University
Course Educational Technology
Keywords Research Learning Performance Support System(RLPSS) Learning Performance Support System(LPSS) Research Learning Question Answering System Latent Semantic Analysis
CLC G420
Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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Persons with innovative abilities should have strong personalities, innovative spirits and practice abilities. Nowadays, world nations realized that innovation capacity has become one of the great engines of their rapid growing economy. Actually, Reception Learning in the past traditional economy cannot bring up large numbers of persons with innovative abilities highly needed in knowledge economy age. Numerous persons with such abilities can be trained by Research Learning which has been widely fulfilled in China.The training courses in schools, however, cannot satisfy the students’ needs for Research Learning because the learners always need research experiences, hints, even encouragements while research learning, and some of them also need to be disabused of their questions and get cooperations in learning. This paper puts forward a Research Learning Performance Support System which is able to satisfy their cognitive needs as well as provide real-timely learning support to answer their questions.Research Learning Performance Support System (RLPSS) is based on Learning Performance Support System (LPSS) Professor Zhang first talked about. RLPSS utilizes informational technologies to provide real-timely support in research learning which consists of research learning environment setting up, real-timely question answering and instruction strategies regulation based on learner’s cognitive abilities.This paper mainly researches the theory foundations, learning support model and develop technologies of RLPSS.In the research of RLPSS’ theory foundation, this paper first discusses RLPSS’ knowledge philosophy and learning philosophy. It is pointed out that students in research learning construct not only explicit knowledge but also personalities and meta-cognition. The construction has three dimensions. That is, it combines the three parts together. In addition, this paper talks about the basic structure of common research process and the knowledge acquisition and utilization in it. Moreover, based on the researches above, we put forward an individual cognition development model which is called "PMKC model". We believe that an individual’s whole cognition structure consists of personalities, meta-cognition and explicit knowledge. Personalities control cognition motivation, meta-cognition directs learning and explicit knowledge is the foundations of learning. The three parts together measures an individual’s learning abilities and need to be constructed together through cognitive practice.RLPSS can work as a virtual teacher to instruct with teaching models. In the research of RLPSS’ learning support model, five PMKC model based learning support models are put forward. They are research demonstration model, system directing model, system inspiriting model, knowledge navigation model and community model. Different model applies to the learners with certain learning abilities.In the research of RLPSS’ development technologies, this paper first discusses the functions, mechanism and infrastructure of the system’s modules, two of which have technical difficulties. They are learning support model regulation module and question answering module. The former consists of dynamic student model, cognition development network knowledge base and algorithms for them. Based on Hopfield networks technologies, it is able to adapt to specific learner’s learning abilities based on his former learning status and deduce a proper learning support model for him to learn certain knowledge. The latter makes use of Latent Semantic Analysis and is able to understand learner’s questions in natural language and provide answers via proper learning support model.On conclusion, RLPSS can provide research learning environments, which comply with learners’ cognition development rules and make for training persons with innovative abilities. Therefore, RLPSS is worth keeping up researching and has prosperous future in its application.

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