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Government portal in emergencies and public opinion research

Author ZhangZuo
Tutor YangXingXing
School Yunnan University
Course Communication
Keywords Government Portal Emergencies Public opinion to guide Network of public opinion
CLC D630
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Social transformation of China is not only a high incidence emergencies, including the media ecology, including the entire social ecology are changing. Network communication era, incidents of public opinion, because of changes in mode of transmission, dissemination of ideas of evolution and the awakening of public awareness of democracy and other factors but appears particularly complex, fragmented and difficult to boot. The face of the new ruling environment, how to grasp public opinion to guide public opinion, the government must face the reality. And as the government information dissemination system, an important part of how the government portal spread in the network era establish their own opinion to guide the dominant position, it is an urgent need to address new problems. This article from the government portal development and function of the propagation characteristics of emergencies, emergency cut relations with the government, through the timeliness of news, information, authoritative, interactive communication, public opinion to guide innovative four aspects to examine the recent years the government portal for in emergencies or when public opinion to guide the success or failure of a typical case, in order to investigate the government portal for guiding public opinion emergencies reality, possibility and necessity. And on this basis from the government portal own building, the government portal with the government, the government portal and the public starting on the government portal in emergencies and public opinion strategy for a lot of in-depth research. Studies suggest that the Government portal is government functions and information resources integration network platform, so it is the most efficient mode of transmission of the government, with powerful information resources in the government and the public and can establish two-way symmetrical communication patterns and other characteristics, These can make up for past public opinion to guide the government in emergencies when the unidirectional mode on the lack of information dissemination. Additionally, network communication era ruling must also be borrowed by the news portal of the official government network platform in order to better achieve the government decision-making authority and timely news reports combined. Therefore, the government portal has performed in emergencies and the ability to guide public opinion is very necessary to undertake this task. But we must also note that the current government portal for emergencies when booting the role of public opinion is still very limited, there are still a large number of constraints, such as government portal attention is not high, but also the lack of government information release system of co-ordination and security, government and the public to build a communication platform is not complete and so on. Therefore, studies suggest that the government portal site itself should focus on strengthening the building, strengthening interaction between the Government and strive to do a good job emergencies bridge of communication between the Government and the public the contents of these three areas, and the specific methods of operation were discussed.

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