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The Role of the New Media in Public Crisis and the Communication Rights of Relief

Author QiuLiZuo
Tutor ZhangShiDi
School Southwest University of Political Science
Course Journalism
Keywords Public crisis The role of the new media The right to communicate
CLC D630
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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The Seventeenth Party Congress report clearly pointed out the need to accelerate the reform of the administrative system, building a service-oriented government. New Public Service philosophy and the establishment of the model of government service not only implement the objective needs of the scientific concept of development, and also the necessary road of building a harmonious society. At the moment, the social forms and structures are rapidly changing, we ushered in the mass production of information and high-speed flow characteristics of the new society (also known as post-modern society), which is a traditional agricultural society, industrial society corresponding to it is time compression, the space is broken, the entire planet into a weave together a new social network and information. Media development, especially the development of new media to create excellent conditions to the human pursuit of democracy, public participation and decision-making by the media as a tool of public affairs. Media changes and developments in society will inevitably produce interference and influence, thus rendering certain social characteristics of public power. Run of public power, the power of the state can be avoided over-concentration, and will state power supervision and regulation, corruption and rent-seeking behavior can be reduced to some extent. Media of public authority and the public authority of the country in addition to check and balance each other, the more important thing is to respect each other, the public authority of the State shall respect the right of communication of the media, to create the conditions for for social public power play. The famous German sociologist Ulrich Beck in their writings \In the new era, we will encounter more risk and crisis. Therefore, how active and effective use of public resources for the media, especially new media to make maximum efforts for the well-being of society, and how to effectively play their part in the three stages of the crisis outbreak where to explore in this article. In reality, however, from the beginning of the news media, the state power to begin the propagation behavior of the media gatekeepers and control. For our country, the media is the mouthpiece of the party, career management, enterprise management \Some of our government departments or public crisis generally adopt an ostrich policy or blocking messages negative response to the crisis strategy, and national public authority on the media assume the functions of the public domain obstruction and pressure, resulting in the media in the public crisis event uncontrollably, and the absence of collective phenomenon. In the risk society and the information society, the society requires mastery of information and interpretation of information is becoming increasingly dependent media information dissemination and public's right to know the information should not be overlooked, especially with the age of the Internet development, the development of new media have sprung up everywhere, the right of communication media organizations and citizens of the new media reporters should not be ignored. How effective remedy is also the focus of this article to explore the spread of new media rights.

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