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A Review of Zhu Ru Ming Road Set

Author FuYunHui
Tutor ZhuWeiZuo
School Fudan University
Course Specialized History
Keywords Zhu Ru Ming Dao Ji quotations banned books Simaguang Zhuxi
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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The subject of this dissertation is to research the Zhu Ru Ming Dao Ji, the Moralism collection compiled by Song people. Zhu Ru Ming Dao Ji is treasured in the Shanghai Library. The value of this collection is that it keeps some Moralistic books of quotations whose editions are even more early and credible than many extant documents of Song dynasty. What’s more, it opens a window to study the original feature of the seedtime of Moralism in Song dynasty. This dissertation focuses on the original texts of Zhu Ru Ming Dao Ji, discussing three aspects which can be summarized as follows.The first, the complicated relationship of the moralists collected by the Zhu Ru Ming Dao Ji reveals the multi-characteristics of the Moralism in its seedtime. It also reveals that the Moralism groups of Song dynasty actively participated in the social politics with the obvious way of academic activities.The research makes progress in two aspects based on this point: according to the officially banned books of North Song Dynasty and the "Qingyuan Dang Jin" of South Song Dynasty, to disclose the possible causes for the limited spread of Zhu Ru Ming Dao Ji; and according to the moralists list provided by Zhu Ru Ming Dao Ji, to define the status of the moralists with " Moralism" or "Non- moralism" in order to revise the narrow definition of "Moralism" and establish their positions at that time.The second, based on the response to Zhu Ru Ming Dao Ji by Li Chunfu, the scholar of Jin dynasty, analyzing his criticisms on the anti-Buddha theories by the moralists, to realize the influence of the Buddhism upon the Moralism in North Song Dynasty; based on the Chinese Philosophy of Mind and Western Philosophy of Logic by Li Chunfu, to deduce the possible incline and academic inheritance of Zhu Ru Ming Dao Ji during the seedtime of Mind in South Song Dynasty which might replenish the views for the evolution of Moralism.The third, the moralism pedigree provided by Zhu Ru Ming Dao Ji differs from the former pedigree provided by Chen Zhu Party, and valuably offers proof for the creative position of the Si Maguang Party in the Moralism history of South Song Dynasty. Referring to the academic history of two Song dynasties, up to now, there’re no sufficient elucidations concerning the evolution from the "Six Moralists of Song" to "Five Moralists of Song". The first hand original data provided by Zhu Ru Ming Dao Ji reflect that Zhu Xi had made corrections in the early Moralism pedigree.From then on, the moralists omitted by Zhu Xi in the academic competition had been gradually ignored and forgotten in the later development and research.Zhu Ru Ming Dao Ji reserved the important documents of these moralists, restored an original feature of the Moralism in its seedtime, furthermore, re-valued the position of Si Maguang Party in the history of Moralism.This dissertation imports the history data and tries to provide a historical explanation on this problem.

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