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Tang and Song Dynasties Concubine Yang Contemporary Literature

Author LuoYingHua
Tutor ChenShangJun
School Fudan University
Course Ancient Chinese Literature
Keywords Yang Kwei Fei transformation secularization motif
CLC I206.2
Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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Titled Literary Study on the Subject Matter Yang Kwei Fei during Tang andSong Dynasties, the dissertation mainly explores the poems and novels related withYang Kwei Fei during Tang and Song dynasties. Comparatively speaking, literaryworks with the subject matter Yang Kwei Fei have not been clearly-defined, whichinclude the works on the stories of Yang or her relationship with Li Longji(TangMinghuang) as well as the works whose background is related to Yang with Li Longjias the only major character.The dissertation contains five chapters.The first chapter examines various historical records and tries to restore YangKwei Fei’s original status. The chapter approaches her from the following sevenperspectives: her life experience, native place and name; the process of beingpromoted from a princess to an imperial concubine; her family; the truth of MaweiEvent; her death; her relationship with Li Longji and her relationship with lichee. Theseven perspectives mentioned above will help to draw an outline of Yang’s life.The second chapter mainly explores the prevalence and transformations of theliterature with the subject matter of Yang. The poems before An&Shi Rebellion weremostly concerned with her beauty, talent and the love between Li and her. The imagesdepicted were simple. The poems after the rebellion developed into two styles: oneanimadverted on the social reality and was characterized by strong political hue; theother was rather sentimental with strong emotional traits. Yang Kwei Fei had becomethe common subject matter of the poems in the middle and late period of Tang dynasty.The third section analyzes the development of the poems with the subject of Yang inTang dynasty from the perspective of "psychological distance", i.e., after An&ShiRebellion, the distance of time and space influenced the psychological distancebetween the poets and Yang Kwei Fei, leading to the differences of emotions andremarks conveyed in the poems. The fourth section analyzes the different attitudesexpressed in different poems by a same poet from the perspective of sense andsensibility. The fifth section discusses the politics in Yang Kwei Fei’s story.The third chapter analyzes the classical poem among the works with the subjectmatter of Yang, The Song of Everlasting Sorrow and conducts a comprehensiveresearch on the theme of this poem. Through analysis of the text, examination of BaiJuyi’s classification and attitude to the poem, exploration of the impact left byBiography of the Song of Everlasting Sorrow on The Song of Everlasting Sorrow andresearch on the outside environment and inner psychology of Bai Juyi during hiswriting, the author of the dissertation puts forth the notion of three-dimensionsentimental theme.The fourth chapter mainly researches the mundane trend in the development ofliterature with subject matter of Yang Kwei Fei. The trend manifests itself in thefollowing aspects: the civic inclination of content, secularization of esthetic taste andpopularization of character image. The reason for this mundane trend will beapproached from three aspects: the rising of civic class, the change of writing subject and development of the style of novel.From the perspective of the generative feature of Yang Kwei Fei’s story and herrepresentative nature, the fifth chapter discusses the question that how Yang Kwei Feihas become an important motif in Chinese classical literature. Also, this chapteranalyzes the trend of folk narration of the motif of Yang Kwei Fei and conducts acultural examination of this motif from the perspectives of the esthetic notion andfemale consciousness of the literati in Tang dynasty.

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