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The Study of the Peaceful Unification of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asian Security Cooperation Mechanism

Author LiChengFeng
Tutor CaoWenZhen
School Ocean University of China
Course International political
Keywords Korean Peninsula Peaceful reunification Security cooperation in Northeast Asia The six-party talks
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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After the end of the Cold War, with the United States to become the world's only superpower, China, India and other emerging countries rise, as well as the adjustment of the US-Japan alliance relations, this period of international relations in Northeast Asia has become more complex. Sustained and rapid development of China's access to economic, has long proclaimed the slogan of \On the other hand in the efforts to promote the establishment of a multilateral cooperation mechanism; Japan side actively adjust the US-Japan alliance relations, while trying to build an East Asian community. World political and economic order, and these changes in the security environment in Northeast Asia, the Korean Peninsula by the impact. Very important strategic position on the Korean Peninsula. Problem of the Korean Peninsula has a dual nature, both Han Chaonan North need to solve the national internal problems, but also by the four big countries of China, Japan, the United States, Russia, the relationship between the international issues of mutual influence, the four major powers in Northeast Asia the competitive strength changes as well as the policy on the Korean Peninsula will play a decisive role in the unification of the Korean peninsula. Meanwhile, the Korean Peninsula will eventually be the way in which to achieve reunification, as well as its unity and what kind of impact the peace and development of the Peninsula and in Northeast Asia as a whole, are very important and worthy of study. Both Koreas to maintain peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and eventual reunification made a very big effort, especially economic development, exchanges and cooperation, and mutual support and promote the harmonization of the program and related policies. End divided Germany, Vietnam and Yemen, and other countries and successfully achieve the unification process and experience to solve the existing problems of the Korean Peninsula and how to achieve the unification of the Korean Peninsula has many implications, both Koreas. The proportion now Northeast Asia in the world economy is increasing constantly enhance economic cooperation within the region, the region has become the world's most rapid economic development areas, and is becoming one of the core area of ??the world economy. Security cooperation in Northeast Asia, the establishment of mechanisms to ease tensions in the region and create a more stable environment for economic development of the basic conditions for the deepening of the regional market interdependence also provided for the establishment of the Northeast Asian security cooperation mechanism must a necessary condition. Highly developed in Japan and South Korea in Northeast Asia Economic Circle Northeast Asia and East Asia as a whole more to promote economic cooperation, economic cooperation between the countries in the region to create a good atmosphere for the economic integration of the region as a whole. In order to continue to maintain such a healthy economic environment and a more mature economic cooperation structure, it is necessary to have a stable security environment as a prerequisite, therefore, the need for security cooperation mechanism in Northeast Asia to establish obvious. Peace and stability in Northeast Asia depends on how cooperation and seek common prosperity in the North and South Korea as well as in the United States, Japan, Russia and other neighboring countries. A common active participation in all countries to establish a regional security cooperation mechanism, is a prerequisite to effectively resolve the potential conflict and contradiction in the Northeast Asian region. Currently being implemented by the six-party talks \Firstly systematic overview of the changes in international relations in the 21st century and the change of the situation in Northeast Asia, a careful analysis of the neighboring country's policy on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia security policy, but also expounded in these countries on the establishment of Northeast Asia the position of the security cooperation mechanism; Secondly, the second part of the article will present the status of exchanges and cooperation between both Koreas were introduced, both Koreas have each put forward a unified program and its policy, and finally with Germany, Vietnam countries to achieve a unified process, seek the revelation of these countries to the issue of reunification of the Korean peninsula; Finally, the third part of the article, will establish the necessity of security cooperation mechanism in Northeast Asia and the form of programs that may appear research, combined with the current regional security cooperation mechanism to compare, and focuses on the cooperation mechanism of the six-party talks were detailed and in-depth exposition and analysis, to explore possible to establish a Northeast Asian security cooperation mechanism in the six-party talks on the basis of sex.

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