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The Study about Multiparameter Spectrum Pseudo-random IP Method

Author LiuChunMing
Tutor HeJiShan
School Central South University
Course Earth Exploration and Information Technology
Keywords pseudorandom signal IP anomaly anomaly property distinction relative phase time constant Φ_s charge rate multiparameter spectual data comprehensive analysis
CLC P631.3
Type PhD thesis
Year 2006
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The controlled multi-frequency data bandwidth pseudorandomequipment, invented by and named after academician He Jishan, caninduce an ideal field source of electrical survey, whose energy wascentralized on several equal-spacing dispersed frequency on the logcoordinate. The pseudorandom multi-frequency detection based on theexited signal, not only has the properties of obvious anomaly, as in thetime domain IP method, and rich information in the single survey, butalso has the properties of strong anti-interruption ability as the frequencydomain IP method and portability. Based on the IP method study history,This essay mainly compared the merits and shortcomings among thevariable-frequency method, phase IP method, frequency spectrum methodand dual-frequency IP, all which belong to frequency domain IP.Throuth the thorough recognization of different IP methods, thevarious IP parameter function and property was studied and the proposalwas promoted on the existed problems in the frequency domain IPmethod, especially about the lithology IP phase and the time constant.The comparison of the conductive mineral content, component andstructure influence degree in the ore on the time constant and absolutephase is unreasonable, because the devision is overlapped.The frequency domain IP charge ratio was put forward depended onthe definition of time domain IP charge ratio, then the concrete meaningwas analyzed.Depended on the dual-frequency IP recognition and the definition ofM-frequency, the another IP parameter phase frequency of the frequencydomain IP method was put forward. The influence of time constant,charge ratio and frequency correlation parameter on the phase frequencewas analyzed detailedly. Then the unique advantage on recognition ofdifferent polarization body time constant was concluded, which facilitatedthe property distiction of IP anomaly resouce.From the analysis on frequency spectrum property of magnitudefrequency, IP phase and IP relative phase, especially the research of thefrequency domain IP method charge ratio and phase-frequency IP parameters, the notion of pseudorandom IP multi-parameters spectrummethod was put forward as well as the fuction and meaning.In the article, the author advanced and studied the dual-frequency IPphase method, on the basis of dual-frequency IP and phase IP method.The method can measure the IP effect, also reflect the time constant value,so it can distinguish the source of anomaly.It is the first time to research the keystone of pseudo-randommulti-frequency relative phase method on the division source of anomaly,and the conclusions can supply the method in property distinguish intheory.In order to analyze the effect of different parameter spectrum on theproperty distiction of IP anomaly resouce, the 3D cubic polarization bodywas simulated numerically and physically by multi-parameter spectrumsuch as: phase spectrum, relative phase spectrum, phase frequencyspectrum and magnitude frequency spectrum, depended on the definitionof pseudorandom IP multi-parameters spectrum method.Depended on the problems, such as: un-union data format,electromagnetic coupling, data linkage, data interpolation and humaninterruption, the author studyed Pseudorandom IP method datainterpretation system in order to eliminate the mal-data caused bydifferent human interruption. In order to promote the interpretationsystem exploitation effective, the synthesized language program of VBand FORTRAN was discussed. Depend on the analysis of variousdrawing software, some try has done on the drawing module compiled bythe VB and OpenGL method, in order to make the interpretation resultmore direct and visualized.The study of data processing and drawing is mainly about someex-research and trials on the united inversion of the resistivity method, IPmethod, electromagnetic method and so on for future. Also it will becomethe part of the processing and interpretation system of the pseudorandommulti-function electrical system.Finally the unsolved and further study problem was concluded. Suchas the COLE-COLE model modification problem, mixture ore-bodydiscrimination problem, IP expert interpretation exploitation problem, electrode effect correction problem and multi-parameter spectruminterpretation problem of the Pseudorandom.

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