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Research on Guangdong Press Industry’s Development and Institutional Changes in the Neo-period

Author YouMengHua
Tutor HuangDeHong
School Jinan University
Course Industrial Economics
Keywords the neo-period Guangdong press industry institutional change compulsory institutional change inductive institutional change
CLC G219.27-F
Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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By applying the theories of institutional change in the frame of new institutionaleconomics in researching Guangdong press industry, this article concluded thatinstitutional change was a driving force to the fast development of Guangdong pressindustry in the neo-period which is defined as the time from Guangdong pressindustry applied for "government department with enterprising management" to now.The author reviewed the process of the transition of Guangdong press industry fromplanning economy to market economy, and found that institutional changes wereclosely related to nearly every aspect of press industry’s development fromadvertisement, distribution, grouplization, capital operation, multiformity, explorationof rural and local market, HR policy, etc. While institution matters can prevent thepress industry from growing, it can boost this industry as well.In demonstrating the track of the development of Guangdong press industry andthe problems it faces, the author attempted to combine the principles of economicsand the principles of journalism, the theories of industry economics and the theoriesof the new institutional economics, the empirical approach and the positive approach,and then put forward some feasible countermeasures.This article took the following steps in analysis: first, literature review about newinstitutional economics, theories about institutional change, and journalism. Second,historic review on the Guangdong press industry and set the basic definition about thepress industry in this article. Third, analysis on the key approaches of how the pressindustry of Guangdong province developed, like advertisement, distribution,grouplization, capital operation, multiformity, exploration of rural and local market,HR policy, etc., and revealed that institutional change had decisive impact on them. Inthe end, by contrasting press and other media, press industry in Guangdong and inEast Asia (Japan and Korea), and in west (the U.K. and the U.S.A.), the article putforward the problems that Guangdong press industry faces at present and gave somesuggestion on how to solve them. Through full and accurate data, examples and precise analysis, the article comesto the conclusion that institutional change and press industry’s development areinterrelated, and then reveals that both compulsory institutional change and inductiveinstitutional change have direct effect on the developing pace of Guangdong pressindustry.The innovational value about this article is that it’s the first time to apply thetheories of institutional change in the frame of new institutional economics inresearching Guangdong press industry in the neo-period, and attempt to provide theexperience of Guangdong press industry to the whole Chinese pressing circle.Meanwhile, this article analyzed the main problems that Guangdong press industryhas at present, and tried to give its solutions for relative department’s reference.

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