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The Status Quo and Countermeasures University of Chengdu with Swimming Classes

Author ZhaoZuo
Tutor ZhengSongPing
School Southwest Jiaotong University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords the universities the university students the current situation of swimming teaching the practical swimming
CLC G861.1
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Swimming is a kind of water activity depending on body movement and water streaming to move, which can improve health from all the aspects. Meanwhile, swimming is a fundamental survival skill of human being, a necessary production skill and a critical military means. Known as "one of the 21st century the most popular sports", swimming is better than any other sport no matter from the practical aspect or life-time value; therefore it became an important course in Chinese universities. Hence this thesis aims to improve universities’students’comprehensive swimming skills, their life, survival as well as social demands through swimming teaching.Based on the reforms of university swimming teachings in Chengdu, this thesis adopts documentary data methods, questionnaire, mathematical statistics, logic analysis, teaching experiment research and so on, through which the data concerning the current situations of university swimming teaching in Chengdu is fully gathered. It is adopted to make the random samples for comprehensive and systematic research among eight universities in Chengdu city in order to find out the restraint factors against the establishment of swimming teaching. And thus to offer pertinent advices and measures of reforming for the swimming teaching content, which is to provide the theoretical and practical evidences for the teaching and development of swimming lessons. among universities in Chengdu city in future.The research is implemented from the following six aspects:1.To make the research and statistics for the current situation of teachers from swimming lessons among Chengdu universities.2. To make a research for the current teaching environment for swimming lessons in Chengdu universities.3. To make a research and analysis for course arrangement of swimming lessons among Chengdu universities.4. To make the research and statistics for the current situation of students from swimming lessons among Chengdu universities.5. To make a research for the factors which affect the establishment of swimming lessons among universities in Chengdu.6. According to the experimental teachings, it is to make a comparison between two different teaching contents, and thus to show that it is more effective to use the teaching content which mainly focuses on the practical skills of swimming.The results of research also reveal that:the establishment of swimming lessons is formalism among the universities in Chengdu city. To fear the safety misadventure severely affects the development of swimming sport among the universities. Moreover the content of teaching is simple to teach the skill for competition, which ignoring the original purpose for swimming. The method of teaching is outdated and has no specific teaching for students of different levels and different requirements. The standard of evaluation is simple with skill and final result, which is lacking of the evaluation for the whole process including how to acknowledge the industrious work of students in the study process.According to result of the research, the thesis brings forward the advices and methods for the reforming of swimming teaching for universities in Chengdu city: It should be faced up properly for the problems of safety when swimming. As the teaching content, the skill for competition is to be weakened and the practical swimming skill is to be enhanced. For the teaching method, the different methods, and level teaching should be adopted based on the different level students. The evaluation and test should not only include the skill but also the ability especially concerning the mutual rescue and self rescue. The universities ought to make a right guidance for safety of swimming to improve the healthy and regular development of swimming teaching.

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