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Author HuangHe
Tutor GuoLiLiang
School Guangxi Normal University
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords Hefei City Primary and secondary schools Campus football Development Status
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Football development needs based on foreign experience shows that the development of football in developed countries, emphasis on youth reserve talent, the popularity of football to do the work, have a large talent pool, is the key to improving the level of football. At present, the Chinese football extreme decline, football environment is not optimistic. The foundation is not strong, which restricts the Chinese football's survival and sustainable development, reserve personnel lack the extreme plaque, it is Chinese football is currently facing the biggest crisis. Let return to campus football, so that more children involved in football, to expand the popularity of youth football surface, solid football talent pyramid tower, this is in line with the law of development of football, is to seek the development of Chinese football is trying to change the correct direction. June 10, 2009, by the State Sports General Administration and the Ministry of Education jointly launched the national \Initial construction of the frame and the campus football league system, the establishment of a more effective organization, formulated and issued the relevant policy documents and implementation of program activities, the competition, funding, training, publicity and other aspects of the requirements and specifications. National campus football activities carried out over the past year, through education and sports sector cooperation and efforts to achieve a certain stage results. Hefei as the layout of the city, one of the campus football office in the city, under the leadership of the activities in an orderly manner. Formulated and issued a \competition, teaching, extracurricular activities and other aspects of the specific requirements. Has designated the campus football school principals, instructors, referees were trained to work through a small selection of organizations on campus football players participated in the National winter and summer camp activities, and outstanding performance in the league this year athletes, instructors, layout schools, race points, etc. recognition. Hefei carry out the campus football entered a new period. This use of literature, questionnaire and mathematical statistics, comparative analysis, as well as site visits and interviews and other methods, in Hefei city \analysis and reflection, to carry out the process to find out the problems and experiences, analyze relevant factors, trying to reflect the Hefei \And the popularity of football from the campus, training, policy support, and the race organization and management as well as the construction of the campus football culture to explore perspectives put forward their point of view, for the primary and secondary school football Hefei provide new ideas for sustainable development. Which enrich and improve the school \level has a certain practical significance. Research shows that: the implementation of the campus football league football for each school activities had a positive impact on the campus football league teachers to carry out a general positive attitude; Hefei primary and secondary school physical education teachers, reasonable structure, able to meet the school sports Teaching; each point be able to complete primary and secondary school football team 2-4 times a week training; most of the students on summer vacation and other holidays positive attitude to participate in activities relating to football; primary and secondary school participation has increased the number of football; big some teachers to organize adequate training school is satisfactory; primary and secondary schools of the parents interviewed generally agreed that vigorously campus football is conducive to promoting the popularization and development of soccer in China. Hefei carry out the campus football initial progress, but there are still too few school grounds, football or soccer sport experienced professional teacher ratio less than normal, a lot of the content is too small football school physical education and physical education exam without football teaching content and a considerable Some schools do not plan to develop school football league, competition between classes and grades organization less football atmosphere is weak, and many students to participate in extra-curricular activities of lack of organization and guidance of football; more students do not have opportunities to participate in football and sports activities, summer camps, participation needs are not met; few times PE teacher training, training system to be improved; Some parents support their children to participate in football activities cognitively conservative attitude and other issues. These problems mainly by capital, sites, management, policies and systems, as well as examination-oriented education faculty, football ambience, security, inadequate laws and regulations and other reasons. By Jinan, Chengdu and Japan and other advanced development experience of football on campus study found that upgrading teacher standards, and expand the scale of competition, improve system security system, strengthen propaganda and football culture construction work is a popular and effective implementation of the campus football key. Hefei perfect school \campus football activities carried out by security system; propaganda work, and actively create a good social atmosphere youth campus football activities; to promote the development of the game, solid foundation, implement embodiments, popularization and improvement of common development; strengthen campus football culture, emphasis on cultural lesson to learn, to strive for the support of parents; perfect job evaluation system, strengthen incentives to improve the campus football participant enthusiasm.

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