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On Kant's view of science

Author LiuSongQing
Tutor YuBo
School Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course Of Scientific Philosophy
Keywords Kant Science Knowledge Moral Philosophy of Science
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Since the Renaissance, science gradually get rid of the bondage of the religion, like a horse in the wild, takes one after another position with its powerful strength and method, aggressively expanding its territory. From mechanics, physics to biology, psychology, science of strong as king of style, painted a colorful picture of the world for us.Today science’s glory and being highly exalted that is incomparable. From bacon’s "knowledge is power" to today "science and technology is the first productive forces", we have making every effort to praise science, worship science, like a things off a little side with science words is heresy, a theory with no" science" two word is heresies. Science in a broad sense won the status similar to religious, or rather, science is like a new religious, it has the most widely and the most devout believers that any religion are incomparable.Just as the enlightenment thinks so, the moral condition of the human will be improved through the more knowledge; our offspring will become more educated and more good and happiness. If we see science as omnipotent solving all problems, take scientific knowledge the equivalent to everything, including the virtue and happiness, no doubt, we not only overestimated the ability of science, but turned away from the scientific point.This paper discussed Kant’s original examination of science, and the careful observation of legitimacy of science, and the deliberation of the exceed to its bound of science, the mediation of the conflict of science and faith in a word, that is Kant’s science. In this age of natural science times, or scientific rule times, only scientific socialism, scientific socialism, and false science and pseudoscience under the name of science is popular and blatant today, In this era of spirit desolate, belief flaw, the god fled, to examine this problem again, has the far-reaching significance to understand the science and the relationship between the scientific and moral for us.This paper discusses four aspects of Kant’s science:the first part introduces the origin of the problem and the state before Kant of the problem; The second part defined the meaning of scientific knowledge and discusses how science (math and science) can be; The third part discusses Kant’s science, that is, Kant’s investigation of scientific object, the scope and the boundaries, his thinking of science and ethics, belief, and its enlightenment for the present; In the fourth part, mainly compares Kant’s science and philosophy after Kant understanding of science, and clear the relationship between Kant’s science and "humanism" and "scientific socialism"

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