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Author LiXueLiang
Tutor ZhuDeFa
School Shandong Normal University
Course Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords The Old Tales Retold Values Narrative art Transformation of society and culture
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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The Old Tales Retold”, a kind of literary style, rewrite its“original stories”. The turn of the century (from 1990s to today) is the booming period of the“new stories”. However, this literary style has draw little attention from literary researchers, and some papers only focus on a certain issue rather than comprehensive phenomenon. Whereas, the author chooses the“new stories”style as point of discussion and the“value and idea”as field of view and train of thought. This paper tries to generalize this literary style and classify it systematically so as to make valuable researches on literary. This research takes great efforts on creating a new discourse system to represent the reality of this style.The present paper takes“values”as key clue of thought and analyze the“new stories”systematically on different levels whose are the“theme”,“narrative art”,“theory of epigenesis”and“theory of effect”.The first chapter clarifies the definitions of“new stories”and its connotations and classifications. The“new stories”belongs to a kind of literary style which rewrites that famous“original stories”. Therefore the to-be- rewritten stories must be of popularity. And the rewriting should not only concern on the creative way of narration but also on the new spirit. The time milieu of this paper is the turn of century (from 1990s to today) when the social cultural system is in great transformation, and the field is china including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. Regarding the literary style, this paper takes the narrative“new stories”styles of literature , film and video and network art as object of study.The thesis take concept of value as the Center clues, according to the topic content, divid the works into four parts, and choose the typical works to discuss. The first is the work that are traditional and match the main current theory on concept of value. The graduation thesis discuss“taking the classic again”,“taking the red classic again”,“The history positive play”etc. Then it discuss the acception to new concept of value in some“old tales retold”. It also discuss elite consciousness in the old tales retold. Besides, It involve the Utopia mode which are loved by the public. The second is the old tales retold with eliminating Incline, such as the <Classic Love>, <Sha Jia Bang>, these works are the presention of new history and new realistic. The third is works (taking <The Bronze Age> as the symbol)that go deep into the“value thinking”and involve the Contrary theory of value itself. The fourth is the drama imitates such as the film of Zhouxingchi, the comedy literature on network, the drama imitates video ect. The thesis put forward the theory of comedy(eliminating the worth judgment) and analyze the works through this new theory.The discussion about“The old tales retold”is also aroud the concept of value. It firstly talk about how the specical concept of value become the concrete“The old tales retold”, then it talk about how“The old tales retold”upset the polt and the character antetype due to converse thinought to opposed the value system. It also put forward that the super realism take the single value angle of view and talk about the distortion, black humour etc. The thesis also put forward the degressive theory which contronal the quality of comedy. At the end of this part, it talk about the acting art in market.The thesis probe the reason that“The old tales retold”boom in the segment between two centries through the angle of happening. The pluralistic value system provide“The old tales retold”with plenty of idea resource and loose envionment. But the pluralistic value system bring bad effect(loose spirit) too. The thesis put forward aggrandizing feeling theory to explain how the public break through the spirit mess. The antiutopia are the source of“The old tales retold”with destorying trend. The reminiscence also accerlate“The old tales retold”. Besides ,the thesis talk about the foundation of comedy(the lower class depend the value system , but the dependment are defeated, so they revenge the value system by destorying value judgemen mode). Besides, the consumer of culture drive“The old tales retold”. The spot of narrative literature(the lose of divine of the story antetype, the charm of narrative literature weaken and the attach awareness) accelrate“The old tales retold”. With the help of this part, we can know the current enviorment of culture and the spirit.In the end, the thesis evaluate“The Old Tales Retold”through the angle of effect. At first it put forward the standard of evaluating art: the contented degree to the person’s spirit demanding. Further the thesis think that we can see“The Old Tales Retold”as a miniature of the segment between two centuries; the cast shadow of the society and culture system, the symbol of heart process of the generation born in the 1970’s. In the aspects of thought, the transformation realization, diverse value mindset, experience personally only in“The Old Tales Retold”have their special value. In the aspects of thought,“The Old Tales Retold”in the segment between centuries remit one create current unprecedented in literary history through lengthways; and“The Old Tales Retold”in china is the most typical model in all countries literature horizontally.“The Old Tales Retold”inherit and draw lessons from now Chinese and Foreign literature; and have its own unique at the same time. At the text end, it prospect the future of“The Old Tales Retold”through analyzing the factors which impact“The Old Tales Retold”:“The Old Tales Retold”will continue as a creating way, but will Spread to fall, without the brilliancy in the segment between centuries.

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