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Literary characteristics of biblical poetry book \

Author HuangXia
Tutor XuZhiXiao
School Fudan University
Course Comparative Literature and World Literature
Keywords Bible Book of Poetry Literary characteristics poetic intension Textual interpretation
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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"The Book of Poetry" in the Christian Bible is a unique section, very different from the simplenarrative style in the rest of the Bible. The strong emotion, the rich vision, and the beautifulrhetoric made The Book of Poetry the most charming sub canon in the biblical literature.Unfortunately, up to this point of time, research on "the Book of Poetry" is less systematic andnot in depth compare with theological and philosophical study. It is because of this that theauthor attempts to use the Book of Poetry as the main text, together with the artistry of poetry,investigate the various aspect of Book of Poetry. So as to discover the literary distinctiveness inthe text, and to grasp the spirit of the text.The Thesis is divided into two main sections, First " Introduction to the Biblical Book ofPoetry, and its literary characteristics". There are 4 chapters in this section.Ch 1 Overview. Briefly introduce the poetic intension of the Book of Poetry, the concept ofWisdom, its implication in the ancient etymology. Review the state-of-the-art of the research inthe Book of Poetry to establish the significance of this thesis and this research.Ch 2 " The common literary characteristics of the five volume Book of Poetry ". The perfectartistry of the poetry is its special form of language. The superb exquisite of the Hebrew poetryis its artistic language. The writer observes the common aesthetic style from two differentangles of poetic beauty, the visual and the audio beauty. By studying the artistic symbol andfrom the rhetorical perspective, this chapter also looks at the common literary characteristics ofthe Five Volume Book of Poetry.Ch 3. " The special poetic structure in each volume of the Book of Poetry ". Every poem hasits uniqueness, perfection and discipline. This chapter intends to elaborate the poetic structurebase on the study of the previous chapter: Job-The structure of the book is in the form ofQuestion and answer, alternate with lamentation; Psalms- Common elements repeatedly appearin the structure of the book; Proverbs-The main theme is the Proverbs with the word "Jehovah",sacred and secular is in harmony; Ecclesiastes-The positive and negative argument is usedalternatively; Song of Songs- Two sides move parallel towards the center.The second part " The Textual interpretation of Biblical Book of Poetry ", this is divided into 5chapters: The textual interpretation of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs.In discovering the artistic element in the text, attempts to grasp the quintessence of the Book ofPoetry. Providing the reader a more wholesome and deeper understand the spirit of the " Bookof Poetry".Ch 1 " Job- Display the mystery of language" The author of this book used the dialogue in the form of poetry to express the rational thinking; the deep theory is hidden in the dialoguebetween the characters. The writer uses the vein of the language divides the content into sixsections: the dialogue between God and Satan, The speech of Job, artistic debate, narrator’swords, Elihu’s words, and God’s opinion.Ch 2 " Psalms-the integration of Hebrew’s faith and emotion" The writer recognized that therichness in content and emotion is the supreme of the poetic art. This chapter first study therich content of "Psalms", then organized the abundant emotion in the Psalms into "positiveemotion" and " negative emotion".Ch3 " Proverbs- the choice between wisdom and foolishness". To the ancient Hebrew race,Proverbs has very high ethical guiding values, taken the role to educate the public. The writeruses the refined structure and the contrasting system divided the content into three sections:" Wise woman" and " foolish woman" have a completely different calling, the choice of " theroad of wisdom’ and " the road of foolishness", the different life style between" Wise man" and"foolish man".Ch 4 " Ecclesiastes - facing life in the ’Hebei’ world. This chapter organized the passivemessage of " Everything is meaningless", then introduced the active message: the inspiringteaching and guidance.Ch 5 " Song of Songs- the most romantic, sincere, natural and holy love". From the literalmeaning, " Song of Songs" is the beautiful singing between a man and woman to praise thelove of the world. Considering the fact that Song of Songs is collected in the Bible, theanalytical process is: in analyzing the text of Song of Songs also study the meaning of love inHebrew culture, the metaphysical meaning of love.

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