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Research on Real-Time Biomechanics Diagnosis System of Visualization of Sports Technique

Author ZhaoHuanBin
Tutor LiuJianGuo
School Hebei Normal
Course Physical Education and Training
Keywords sports technic Biomechanics diagnosis of sports technic sprint kinematics model of human
CLC G804.6
Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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To develop science and technology of Olympic Games and improve scientific research of sports and training level in respect of athletics, the research constructed database and repository based on three-dimensional sports information and parameter of athletes using diagnosis of sports technique by three-dimensional video analysis system. In the paper sports action of human can be analysed using systemic concept and research athletes’technique movement by the relationship of in put and out put. Through the research key problems of ratiocination of information can be solved by literature methods, measurement, discuss with specialists, software project, logic methods, statistic and artificial intelligence, integrate and using for reference of sports training and sports biomechanics figure and image, human anatomy, experts system, NN, and amalgamation of information. The research developed three-dimensional biomechanics diagnosis system of sports technique, based on the situation and characteristic of kinescope analysis system of international, using 100m sprint as an example. Of course, it is estimated to be significant as following.Firstly, by the system pictures can be taken and picked up from video by DirectShow, which can be stored into computer. The system solved time and room of video pictures and got infinity and colour pictures and deposited video pictures using Windows operating system, which ensured that people can get video pictures of different items and analysis and feedback the sports technic. The research found that characteristic points around joints could represent joints and got some results using tailing characteristic points. The system designed handy three-dimensional coordinate frame and provided inertia parameter of Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Germany and American, which filled up the vacuity of image analysis system. Secondly, the system set up analysis system of 100m sprint, expounded the thought of sports technology analysis, defined the model of diagnosis and variable of sprint, defined technique parameter of sprint in different moment and phase. The system also established database of technique parameter of 100m of excellence athletes, made analysis index and methods of sprint. The user could get technique parameter using the analysis system based on their own design, and finish automotive analysis compared with excellence athletes.Thirdly, the user could compare the model with athletes, such as left and right, up and down, two pictures with one background, even one frame and many frame, static state and dynamic state of three-dimensional. The user could add one picture to another, though the pictures were taken of different athletes at from different time, and showed continuous action in one menu.Fourthly, the module of diagnose results offered data, curve and all kinds of statistic charts. The data could be used together with EXCEL and all kinds of statistic software, which suited for users to be convenient to deal with and save data.Finally, the coaches could quantitatively analyze and evaluate the rationality of athletes’movements using the system, and make it more scientific and numeric and academic to design the training plan for competition to improve achievement. The research provided the technique diagnosis of different colony, and improved the research of movement of people, and served for modifying action and enhancing achievement. The system has great value and foreground.

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