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A Study of Assessment Strategies of Math Learning

Author LiuGang
Tutor SunMingFu
School Northwest Normal University
Course Curriculum and Pedagogy
Keywords assessment of math learning assessment strategies development design of assessment implementation of the assessment the guarantee of assessment
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Type PhD thesis
Year 2007
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Assessment of learning is a hot but difficult issue in elementary education.For math,the most challenging and difficult course in school, what should be assessed? How to assess? The study is based on these points and it can be divided into the following five parts:PartⅠ:It is about raise of the questions and ideas for the study (Chapter 1).It summarizes the previous studies and concludes that it exists deviation between theories and practice and the tendency of simplization in the studies of assessment of math learning in China. Therefore,the thesis is conducted according to the following procedures: First of all,it makes clear the nature of the development of learning assessment and the basic problems in the assessment of math learning; besides,it starts from the analysis of the reform of the assessment of math learning today and self-exams the problems and difficulties the assessment of math learning faces;finally,based on the real situation in China,it forms a system of strategies for the assessment of math learning,which is beneficial to both the students’ development and teachers’ control.PartⅡ:It deals with basic theories(chapter 2,3).Chapter 2 mainly sorts out the development of theory and practice of learning assessment from the historical perspective:①learing should be assessed for the purpose of promoting students’ all-round development,individual development and sustainable development;②the developing function of the learning assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of various positive effects.It has different functions in different activities of learning assessment,and only if it makes improvement of teaching/learning as the media can it promote students’ development;③the way of assessing learning shows the trend which is from experience to science and from unitary to diversification;④with highlight on the value of "student-centered development",the reform and development of learning assessment integrates assessment and teaching and emphasizes the combination of qualitative and quantitative assessing methods.Starting from the nature of mathematics,chapter 3 discusses such basic theoretical issues as the value of mathematical education,the essence of math learning and the content and method of assessment for math learning.From the point of view of the value of mathematical education, assessment of math learning must focus on the value of cultivating people totally-to help everyone learn mathematics well,that is to say,everyone learns mathematics which he or she needs,and different people can reach different mathematical proficiencies.According to the essence of math learning,it is mainly an internal activity in mind,one cannot judge a student’ s math learning directly by observing their mental activities, but to adopt some indirect ways to know their learning process and effect. These ways can be generally divided into three kinds:pen and paper tests, performance assessment and interactive assessment.PartⅢ:It is a study of real situation(Chapter 4).It is conducted through questionnaire and on-the-spot investigation and comes to the following conclusions:①most of math teachers have a weak awareness of the aims of mathematics;②math teachers do not have a clear understanding of the concept of assessment;③The key of assessment reform lies in the implementation of the specific ideas,not ideas themselves;④in teachers’ mind,four factors restrict the reform of math learning assessment,they are graduation and testing system of entering schools of a higher grade,heavy burden of teaching,check to teachers in school and too many students in one class respectively;⑤generally,students hold a positive attitude towards math studying and assessment math learning,however,examinations and tests for students bring themmuch more negative feelings than positive feelings.PartⅣ:This part is a study of assessment strategies.On the Based on the previous theoretical analysis and investigation,this part analyzes the relationship between assessment and teaching,and studies the design of math assessment system and strategies how to carry them out from the systematical and scientific perspective.ChapterⅤ:This part focuses on the design of assessment system.As an open feedback system,math learning assessment and math teaching should be designed integratively,and assessment activities should be merged into the whole teaching process,and bring its conducting and regulating functions into play.On such a basis,the thesis mainly studies the design of the aims of math learning assessment and strategies to design tasks of assessment.Generally speaking,the design of aims of math learning assessment should be started from analyzing curriculum standard and teaching materials,with the help of technology of aims classification, and it can achieve embodiment and predictability of assessment aims only when it adopts such a statement way in which general aims and specific action samples are combined.The key to design the math learning tasks is to make sure that the form of assessment tasks and the type of aims are matched well,that is to say,the form of tasks one choose should vary from assessment aim to assessment aim.ChapterⅥ:This part discusses the implementation of assessment for math learning.①in mathematics classroom assessment,it is necessary to pay attention to that the questioning should be matched with cognitive style one desire to test,and it should also give students enough time to response;meanwhile,information collection should be done in different ways such as testing forms,recording and students’ note;②The key to make assessment though math homework is that it should be diversified and helpful for students to bring their autonomy into full play;③On the aspect of math examination,tests of different qualities should be distinguish and it should ensure that both the content and form are diversified and open to water down scores awareness and promote understanding in learning;④When it comes to the guarantee of the implementation of math learning assessment,the management systems in school should be reformed,more specifically,teachers’ burden should be decreased on thee aspects of the checking of teaching plan,homework and checking for teachers themselves to provide teachers with a free environment for professional development and teaching studies.PartⅤ:This part is a summary and outlook of the study(Chapter 7). This part gives a brief summary of major achievements and defects of the study;meanwhile,it also outlooks the development trend of the assessment foe math learning and puts forward some topics which worthy thinking deeply and studying,such as experimental study of assessment strategies of math learning,assessment of the under-achieved students’ math learning,assessment of the aims of math education and so on.or thought or further exploration of topics,such as the evidence about assessment strategies for math learning,Mathematical poor students’ assessment and issues of objective assessment of mathematics education.

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