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On Thoughts of Zhuxi’s Version of Da Xue

Author ChenMeiRong
Tutor ZhuRenQiu
School Fujian Normal University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Zhuzi thoughts of Da Xue Neo-confucianism ways of interpretation
CLC B244.7
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Four Books constitute part of significant classics in Chinese Confucianism, and have been principles for people to study and cultivate themselves. The life philosophy and theories on the utilization of classical studies contained in Da Xue among the Four Book deserve our in-depth study and exploration. Zhuzi, putting Da Xue as the first among the Four Books, has established its indelible value and position.By reinterpreting Da Xue, Zhuzi gives new meanings to it. The current dissertation develops with the center on ways and practice of interpretation on Da Xue, by means of Da Xue’s scripts and spirits demonstrated in it. The essay aims to compare the Da Xue reinterpreted by Zhuzi with the ancient text Da Xue, based on research on text tracing and ways of interpretation about Zhuzi’s version of Da Xue, and then probes into its spiritual and value converting. Meanwhile, the present dissertation means to point out that Zhuzi has realized not only construction of Neo-confucianism system, but has provided probability and concrete ways to interpret and practice Da Xue, based on such two core concepts of Neo-confucianism as "esteem" and "Gewuzhizhi".Via Zhuzi’s thought and reinterpretation about Da Xue, Da Xue has become an open theory carrier brought into play and utilized by the Song and Ming scholars. Zhuzi’s Da Xue, for one thing, has established inheritance of Confucianism and to a large extent has replenished Cognitive Theory and Effort Theory of Neo-confucianism. For another, Zhuzi’s Da Xue has enriched Moral Essays and Praxis of Confucianism. Furthermore, the noting ways aimed at having full knowledge about reason have given far-reaching influence on the development of Confucianism.

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