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A Study on the Development of Cultural Creative Industry from Regional Perspective

Author ZhengHongTao
Tutor ZuoChengLin
School Henan University
Course Regional Economics
Keywords cultural creative industry regional economy regional development
CLC G124
Type PhD thesis
Year 2008
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Creative industry is one of the most frequently-used academic terms nowadays. Through the whole world, it dated from the“New England Movement”of Blair Government, which was to change the traditional English impression ( the conservative tradition and the stereotyped gentleness bearings).After its definition, the creative industry is prevailing in so many countries and theoretical and practical circles, as it is in accordance with the requirements for development in the intellectual-economic era.In the global economic environment with market as its main body, creative industry has revealed various promising prospects about the rejuvenation of city and the development of district. As a market based on the locale, a key factor of combining the municipal and the suburb, a channel of gaining more values from the export, creative industry is universally regarded as a dynamic economy which can bring more trades to the markets. Moreover, creative industry receives high-tech treatments from the government policies at the beginning of development.At present, the debate on creative industry is extremely fierce: some regard it as the peak of intellectual industry;some others view it as any industry which involves high-tech, high-value and innovations. In this essay, creative industry is not a kind of industry because the rough division of labor in the whole society doesn’t make it an absolutely independent industry. But it still belongs to industry because the creative ideas and innovations actually and objectively exist in other fields of industry. It appears as well as other industries. Before the division of labor, some independent industry would not appear until the condition is available.Just as many scholars point out: the rapid development of creative industry is remolding the core competitive power of regional economy, and is becoming a kind of new-type and unique resources of regional economy. Based on this opinion, the essay tries to construct the basic theory of creative industry on the whole, explore the functional mechanism of creative industry and the development of regional economy, then make a research on the practices of Chinese economy.Besides the introduction and the conclusion, this essay is divided into four parts, including 11 chapters.The first part (Chapter2—Chapter4) focuses on the analysis of the theoretical connotation and functional mechanism of creative industry. In the opinion of the author, it is a new field for the study of creative industry. The documents and materials for the research are now decentralized, therefore, it is of first significance to arrange and compare these theoretical references. Of course, this essay has dealt with these materials, set a limit to the creative industry from its definition and differentiated it from other easily-confused definitions. At last, according to the analysis approach of economics, this essay analyses the functional mechanism of the economic achievement in creative industry from the micro-economics, medial- economics and macro-economics. This is the starting point for study as well as the prerequisite of this essay.The second part (Chapter5 and Chapter6) mainly concentrates on the operation mechanism and development of creative industry. Logically speaking, after the theoretical connotation of creative industry, it is necessary for us to arrange its initiation process and the relevant factors. Only in this way, can we correctly understand the general principle of creative industry as an industry phenomenon. Furthermore, we could clearly identify the differences between creative industry and other industries, which lay the theoretical foundation for the further research.The third part (Chapter7---Chapter9) constructs the theoretical frame of creative industry from the development of regional economy, and then turns into the core field. Specifically speaking, advanced regional industrial structure is based upon the development of the regional economic industry. It makes a detailed analysis of how creative industry impels the optimization of industrial structure. The study on the regional competitive power is built on the diamond mold—creative industry. Through the revision of this mold, we can find the mechanism of how creative industry changes the regional competitive power. The essence of study on space organization mold is to discuss a phenomenon of spatial congregation of creative industry, and to make a regular conclusion according to the realities outside. What is emphatic, the studies above, not only construct the analysis frame between creative industry and regional economy, but also provide a basic observation for the development of creative industry in China.The fourth part (Chapter10) is chiefly about the policy proposal on the development of creative industry in China. As the creative industry of China is still in initial stage, and mainly located in the coastal developed areas, we put the focus on the metropolitan, such as Beijing, Shanghai, etc., and also make a preliminary discussion about the economic development in the mainland of China as well as possible.It should be clarified that although I have made the analysis and study as punctilious as possible, and made a questionnaire survey on some problems, some ideas and research approaches are still not satisfying. After all, creative industry is a burgeoning definition, and study on this field is completely new, it is no wander that the research is really difficult. During the composing of this essay, I realize its difficulty. And I am not satisfied with it after the completion. I am sincerely waiting for the revising advices and impartial comments from my honored readers.

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